Hello All. I am seeking to sell my Matrix IRIS 3D printer & IRIS kit, as well as Matrix IRIS 3D Printer stand & startup kit. This printer was left to me when I took over the building that I purchased. I have all of the paper work and details. I am willing to negotiate price because I need it gone. Can anyone help me?
Hi all,  Wondering if anyone has experimented with alternative paper and glue suppliers and found any that work satisfactorily. We are currently using the suggested Viking Business paper and MCor glue, but at about £60 a bottle delivered, this seems to be a bit of a rip off for the official stuff, when a similar bottle of PVA can be bought for £1 or £2.
Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Mcor Arke full color paper 3D Printer?? Is it a good printer and are the end products strong? Also where could you buy it? We have contacted Mcor several times and have gotten no response. Does anyone know the price? Also aside from this printer are there any good full color 3D Printers like this one that are affordable?    Thanks. 
i created an obj file and i can view it in blender.  it looks good and i want to (3d) print it.  the obj file has a UV texture map (texture vertices) and calls out a .mtl file. the .mtl file has a line that says map_Kd filename, where filename is the name of my image file.  (a png image) (Kd is the diffuse reflectivity factor)