Hello,   I have a problem with a Big STL file (moon surface). This STL file is not round. My problem is, that I need this file round. When I use the Boolean Difference in MeshMixer, than I get this error message:   There are the two STL files for my work: Moon: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qr06uwgmjeqmlbw/Mond_final.stl?dl=0
Hi all,   I'm trying to extend the sides (edges) of this scarab down to the "floor" if you can imagine it resting flat. I'm unsure how to do this with what I have and could use a suggestion - I'm currently working in Meshmixer, I tried solidworks but I couldn't reduce the poly to repair the part without ruining the model - so I'm back to Meshmixer.
I am currently using MeshMixer to generate supports and to be able to export the object with supports as a .stl file. I was wondering if anybody knows how to create dense supports (resembling those generated from a Cura file), rather than individual fixtures that barely touch the bottom surface of the object.   Thanks in advance.
I've been trying for a while now to take a model, add supports in meshmixer, and print them on my makerbot from a slice made a makerbot desktop. Simply making it happen isn't the issue, I've already tested the process with a small model, however, this larger part I'm working on is posing an issue and I would like to know if anyone has had similar problems.
HI all.....I thought the follow 3D Hubs enthusiasts would appreciate this:  We launched a Kickstarter on Autodesk Meshmixer which is (as of now) over 20 hours of training, with award levels starting (for the full course) around $25.  We think that's a great deal to learn this awesome software, and for the 3D Hubs crowd, even more so.  
So, you made a cool project and you want to get it printed on a high-end 3D printer that captures all the details of your sculpt.   Because these printers print your models completely solid, your prints might require a lot of material which quickly increases the price to a point that you are having doubts of having it printed.  
Hey guys, a few weeks ago I was scanned with the structure sensor for the iPad at the office. Only after 5 minutes, the physical me was immortalized in a digital version. Damn, that was fast and with an unexpected high quality. My input? Just standing still and be scanned (filmed) as a real movie star.
Hey Guys,   I was really happy to have met so many of you at Uprise festival. We were really honored and surprised of how many of you stopped by our stand to talk to us! However, all of the "models" were too shy and posed as if this was a passport picture. What kind of crazy pose would you take your 3D selfie in?