Hi,  I'm currently a student at London College of Fashion, we have 3D printers, however, I'm not sure about the logistics and if they would even allow me to use this material on the printers. I was wondering if any of you would know where I could have a design printed in the 60 LAYFOMM as a couple of one-off pieces?    Best,  Lucy
Notice how the filament starts out fine for the brim, then tapers off for the shape fill.
I have a flashforge creator pro, and I'm printing with Ninjaflex. I installed the custom extruder piece and have had success in the past printing things out with this filament, but most of the time, it does around half of the first layer then starts tapering off.   Here are my settings: Bed temp: 60c extruder temp: I've tried everything from 215c to 255c all with the same result
I am looking to glue some flex parts to one another and have not had any luck finding a recommended method.   I am currently running SemiFlex, but also print with NinjaFlex.     To be clear, I am not having troubles sticking to the bed, I want to stick the printed parts together!   Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.
For all the FDM flexible filaments, there's almost no way for the customers to find them. The first choice they intuitively make is the "Rubber-like plastic" material category selection, where just the high end / HD grade printers are listed with their "Tango/Tango+" material. Even disabling the "HD" filter, doesn't show the FDM Ninjaflex, FlexPLA, Flexfill et.al.
Hi everyone, We have 38 kg of 3mm filament for sale as we no longer have a 3mm printer. Spools range from unopened to .15 kg. All prices are based on net weight of spool. ABS, PLA, PETG are based on $10/kg pricing. PET+, Flexible, Nylon, PC, "Fill", HIPS, and Iglidur are heavily discounted.  
I have been printing  with ninja flex for a while now. I work at the 3D lab at my school and many students love to print in ninja flex. But they all have trouble with it. Even after giving the students my settings, they have problems with it sticking or extruding.   Many people say you need to have Heated bed at 40 Slowing down extrusion speed Slowing down travel speed   What I Do No heated bed
Hey hubbers! I'm looking to print my design -a barcode scanner base- in SemiFlex filament which is a variant of Ninjaflex (http://www.ninjaflex3d.com/products/ninjaflex-filaments/), basically a rubbery material that can stand on its own without being "too wobbly".   Does anyone have (or can get hold) of this material? I'm in the Newcastle area, so I would prefer something near me.  
Hi everyone,    If you are in Paris on the 17th June from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, we'll welcome you to our workshop on NinjaFlex Filament at Le FabClub. Some demo prints will be performed and we will give you advices to use properly the NinjaFlex filament on your own printer.    The workshop costs 25€ and includes NinjaFlex filament samples, the demo and advices