just a "brainfart" i had, but it could be usefull with a plugin that lets me tell what order on 3dhubs i'm printing on my machine   this could let the next customer know when they could expect me to start an order if i have multiple machines (which  i will after summer) i could choose to let the plugin take the printer offline during the print
The latest version of Octopi sees the following error when trying to connect to my TAZ-6:   Unhandled communication errorThere was an unhandled error while talking to the printer. Due to that OctoPrint disconnected. Error: EEPROM CRC mismatch - (stored) 25763 != 14086 (calculated)!  
octo on pi3:ok. Camera on octo:ok. I can connect with browser. When i connect my octo to printer via usb: ok. Then I send gcode to octo with s3d and it beeps very loud, it does not start to print,... it tells me that printer has reset and it just shows creality on display. Without octo the printer prints just fine.  Has anyone some suggestions I can try yo make octo work?  Many thanks.  Bere. 
I am very new to all of this and so my pool of Raspberry knwledge is extremely shallow.I have a RPi3 running with a 3.5TFT and TouchUi running Octopi.Everything seems to work just fine after lot's of trial and error.The problem I am having is with the Sainsmart relay I have controlling the Mains and lights for the bed.The mains relay works as it should but if I manually enter code in to the config
I have raspberry pi 3 using octoprint to access and control my 3D printer. When I'm at home, logged in my wi-fi network, I can access, normally, the octoprint server via internet host (no-ip ddns), but when I'm outdoors, things doesn't work well. I'm always getting "timeout messages" or "Server is off-line" or "Server is not responding".
I have two Pi's (one P2 and one P3) each running OctoPi, each connected to a different printer and connected to the wifi Network. I can access them both locally using either their local IP's or their unique host names, but when it comes to accessing them from an external network (for which I'm using noip.com), whatever I do, I always seem to get directed to one of the two.
Hi guys, I'm looking at getting a raspberry pi to run as a host to my 3d printer, to save all the messing around with SD cards   As far as I can tell I have 3 options: Octoprint (octopi) - Seems to be the most common software around, but also lacks in documentation, or a help forum or similar... but I do know I can write plugins, so thats a plus :)
Good day all,   I apologize this is an utter noob question but I just can't find the answer myself.   In a set up where a Pi running octoprint is connected to a ramps board does the pi do the calculations for the motions of of the printer ?      To me it makes sense that the pi does the heavy lifting as its a far more powerful processing machine than a ramps or other board.  
I have Octoprint running but having issues with Cura in that the sliced files sent to my Monoprice Flashforge Creator.  When I send the sliced file it starts in the bottom left corner and when check to use 0,0 the print moves to the center but the bed moves to the bottom.  Even exporting a Profile to the RPi via Octo results with the same issue.