Currently, my print bed has PEI that is bonded to glass. While I can remove the glass with the PEI from the print bed as that is just resting on a silicone thermal pad, I can't remove the PEI itself from the Glass since it's bonded to it using 3M double-sided Thermal Tape.  This is a problem now because I want to start trying to print with PETG.... and that stuff is crazy-sticky.
I am using PETG filament, a model that I recently printed took over 10 hours to print, when separating the print from the support material, part of the print snapped off.  I have tried using super glue to bond the two parts back together but it isn't a strong bond.     What is the best way to bond two PETG parts?
I bought some black esun petg the filament seems fine on the spool not brittle but all the prints are very brittle. Printing with a qidi x-one with temps at 240 head and 70 bed. Esun recommends 230 - 250 head no heat to 80 on the bed. I'm at my whits end trying to figure this out i'm thinking bad filament. What would cause this and could it be bad filament?
Hi All,   So one of our key costs as a hub is of course filament and we've longed to try and find a way to reduce this cost - like other smaller hubs we found that it isn't really viable to buy in bulk from the manufacturer in the quatities they want to sell and the cost of filament from 3rd parties and suppliers really hurts our profit margin - So...  
Ive had my quiditech dual extruder running pretty consistently now for over two months with excellent results. however recently ive been getting these "blobs" on corners and sometimes these "loops" on horizontal surfaces. ive slowed down and it seems to help some, but im wondering why this happens all of the adding hours to my prints just to overcome this and would rather not.