Something seems off. I'm getting very noticeable filament lines in my prints. Some parts of this model look a lot better than others as you can see. I have tried adjusting my temperature (195 Extruder, 60 Bed), speed, height (0.1), the works. I'm stumped. Has anyone had this issue before? I'm using a Monoprice select mini printer and Hatchbox PLA 1.75 filament. Please help me if you can.
Hello, i have a probkem with my reprap and i can't print because of it. My PLA filament is curling inside the hotend and not comming out from the nozzle. It is very hard to push it like it is not hot enough. I am extruding at 230 and nothing comes out. Can the filament be ABS not PLA. On the package it says PLA.
I just bought an ATOM 2.5EX Printer, this is my 2nd printer but 1st one with dual extrusion.   i have some Nylon+CF filament that i want to use. but for support, i had this idea, since Nylon is resistant to Acetone (from Googling and my long time ago engineering degree) >>
I'm printing some parts on my Flashforge Creator Pro 2016 and keep seeing this weird banding issue around any walls that have holes in them. It also seems to happen when the outline of an object changes, where detail either sticks out further or cuts inward. It only lasts from the bottom of the hole to the top, and stretches almost all the way around the part. See photos below.
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I am currently selling off a load of surplus materials at bargain basement prices. The lot is a mixture of PLA and ABS but by far the majority is 1.5mm PLA. A variety of colours available. See my ebay auction here if you are interested. Would prefer someone else got the use of it instead of it going to waste.
I am currently working on a study and I want to know the challenges/problems faced when 3D printing additional polymer features and structures over/on top of previously injection-molded plastic parts in a way that there is a good adhesion between the underlying injection molded part and the overlying 3D printed structure.
Wonder if anyone has any thoughts - both are PLA and one is brand new, the other has been used for a few days already with no issues. The older of the two doesn't get pulled by the gear into the extruder no matter what I do, however after opening the new filament, that one gets pulled no issue. I've cut off a fair amount off the old one incase it was a bad section but to no avail.
We currently have loaded PLA material into both AA cores for cleaning, however upon testing after loading, the core 1 will extrude while the core 2 will not. The material seems to reach the entrance of the core and stop, being noted as the driving wheel leaves a grinding indentation on the material, which can be seen after it is unloaded.
Every time the nozzle is heated PLA filament leaks out, even during a print when it's going over something it's not supposed to print. This has happened since I got my QIDI X-One a couple days ago. I have been told to just "grab it with a pliers" but that's not practical during the print. I am new to printing so I might need to adjust something on the printer.