I can’t retract it or pull it out. There’s absolutely no give on it. It won’t budge.   Typically I’d pull out the tube from the bottom end, and try pulling the filament on that end. But I’ve encountered another problem. I can’t get the tube out of that end.   i need some tips on how to get this out of here. I’m scared I’m gonna break something. 
I purchased and built my printer about 3 months ago.  It works great except for 1 thing.  I cannot print anything that you would consider a miniature, like for D&D or Warhammer (28mm people).  It prints everything else in very good quality.   I have tried many setting changes in Cura 3.2.1 including: Layer height (.2, .1, .08 and .12 as a multiple of my nozzle size) Wall thickness
Something seems off. I'm getting very noticeable filament lines in my prints. Some parts of this model look a lot better than others as you can see. I have tried adjusting my temperature (195 Extruder, 60 Bed), speed, height (0.1), the works. I'm stumped. Has anyone had this issue before? I'm using a Monoprice select mini printer and Hatchbox PLA 1.75 filament. Please help me if you can.
Hello, i have a probkem with my reprap and i can't print because of it. My PLA filament is curling inside the hotend and not comming out from the nozzle. It is very hard to push it like it is not hot enough. I am extruding at 230 and nothing comes out. Can the filament be ABS not PLA. On the package it says PLA.
I just bought an ATOM 2.5EX Printer, this is my 2nd printer but 1st one with dual extrusion.   i have some Nylon+CF filament that i want to use. but for support, i had this idea, since Nylon is resistant to Acetone (from Googling and my long time ago engineering degree) >>https://www.calpaclab.com/nylon-chemical-compatibility-chart/
I'm printing some parts on my Flashforge Creator Pro 2016 and keep seeing this weird banding issue around any walls that have holes in them. It also seems to happen when the outline of an object changes, where detail either sticks out further or cuts inward. It only lasts from the bottom of the hole to the top, and stretches almost all the way around the part. See photos below.
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