Hi all. I have a Wanhao i3 mini. This is my first 3d printer, and I have been struggling with bad curling on my prints. I am using PLA and have tried all the normally suggested things(painters ape,Hairspray, klapton tape) It was printing fine, but now every print fails. I have wondered if this is due to the heatwave here in the UK.
Hi there.   First off, I am printing on a Wanhao duplicator 5s mini that supports PLA, NYLON 645, PVA and ABS.   Right now, I am working on a project where I try to camouflage a product as well as possible. I do this by working with a color detector module connected to LED lights. I then put these lights inside my 3d printed model.  
I have the Qidi X-one2 & use Hatchbox PLA 1.75mm filament. When printing with the default settings, my prints often have lines or indentions streaked across where the nozzle leaves a line to head over to another area. I tried to alter the settings & enable retraction/z-hop among a few other tweaks & I get lots of stringing. With default settings, I had no cleanup, but lines...
Hi   I recently getting some jamming inside the nozzle of my cr-10. I have printed for many months now without any trouble at all. And everything is as before, no change in any parameters. When i take out the filament, it is larger in the end that was inside the nozzle. 4cm of the removed filament has a diameter of over 2mm.   Any idea whats wrong? Best regards Daniel    
I've been printing for around a year now, so i have some knowledge but not 100% on everything. I'm currently using a Flashforge Creator Pro but at the moment I'm having trouble with a specific print for work. I have attached pictures so you can see my issues.  
I can’t retract it or pull it out. There’s absolutely no give on it. It won’t budge.   Typically I’d pull out the tube from the bottom end, and try pulling the filament on that end. But I’ve encountered another problem. I can’t get the tube out of that end.   i need some tips on how to get this out of here. I’m scared I’m gonna break something. 
I purchased and built my printer about 3 months ago.  It works great except for 1 thing.  I cannot print anything that you would consider a miniature, like for D&D or Warhammer (28mm people).  It prints everything else in very good quality.   I have tried many setting changes in Cura 3.2.1 including: Layer height (.2, .1, .08 and .12 as a multiple of my nozzle size) Wall thickness
Something seems off. I'm getting very noticeable filament lines in my prints. Some parts of this model look a lot better than others as you can see. I have tried adjusting my temperature (195 Extruder, 60 Bed), speed, height (0.1), the works. I'm stumped. Has anyone had this issue before? I'm using a Monoprice select mini printer and Hatchbox PLA 1.75 filament. Please help me if you can.
Hello, i have a probkem with my reprap and i can't print because of it. My PLA filament is curling inside the hotend and not comming out from the nozzle. It is very hard to push it like it is not hot enough. I am extruding at 230 and nothing comes out. Can the filament be ABS not PLA. On the package it says PLA.