Recently finished designing and printing a few figures out of ABS. During the vapour smoothing process, I went out to get a few paints (very small prints so didn't want to go for full cans of spray paint). Unfortunately, I hadn't realised they were oil paints (acrylic based). Wondering if they are still suitable for ABS with a standard acrylic primer or of I need to do anything special?
Hi there,   I am looking for a printing facility in Europe which provides SLS printing and smoothing by chemical gas or vapor, which leads to a glossy surface. I do not know how the technique is called exactly. Please Help!   EDIT: I forgot to mention that it needs to be nylon!   Thanks in advance, Cheers, Gilbert
  Example here I am trying to create something slightly larger than the average persons head.  I am getting my models from turbosquid and also custom made. What do I need to prep the 3D model?    Also I don't want scanlines if possible, you can't really see scanlines here  
FDM parts have micro cracks and holes in germs can accumulate. I'm looking for a sealant to make 3D parts easy to clean. Basically making sure the parts have a smooth surface within (micro) cracks and holes. I'm thinking about coating the prints with silicone.   People have experience with silicone coating or other sealants that might work?   BTW the parts are printed with ABS.
I have a ton of 3d prints that I have ready to smooth out.  I have XTC 3D smooth on and was about to use it, but was not sure if I should sand it first.  I would like to eventually spray paint it and apply Rub and Buff to give it a metal look.  Am I barking up the wrong tree here?   PLA filament using Robo 3D R1 Plus 3d printer.   Thank you.    
I am creating a product prototype that will require finishing. Which material is best for sanding smooth and then priming/painting over?  If possible to go into detail. Which one is easier to sand? Which one Sands smoother? If I am already sanding, is it worth printing at higher resolution? (100/200/300 micron) 
Hi guys i got me some colorful colorfabb xt filament and made some small prints. I tried smoothing the prints using a cold acetone vapor finish but unfortunately it didn't work at all.  When i use this method on my abs printed parts they become smooth like butter after 40-50 min and start to melt if you leave them longer.
Hey everyone, I've created a short survey for an engineering class (5 questions max). All answers are appreciated, ultimately it should help the 3D printing community as a whole. This is for my senior capstone project. I am supposed to develop a solution to a problem that interests me. 3D part finishing is the issue I chose, and I'm required to have a proof-of-problem market base before I begin!
I am looking to glue some flex parts to one another and have not had any luck finding a recommended method.   I am currently running SemiFlex, but also print with NinjaFlex.     To be clear, I am not having troubles sticking to the bed, I want to stick the printed parts together!   Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.
Hi, Some of my prints have completed mostly O.K apart from the top layer. I know this is probably due to printing the PLA to fast, not having a cooling fan (yet) and also not enough top layers. However, what would people recommend to use to smooth out and fill in the small holes in the print? I am in the UK and some of the products I have read about cost a fortune to ship to the UK like XTC-3D.