I am running a Maker select and looking at one of the files packaged with it. I don't see a Z move to tell the printer to move up a layer. I was hoping to do an adjustment near the top of the print but cannot even see how it gets there. Does the G1 command move in the x/y plane and the G0 mean 'go up a layer' embedded in that command?
Hi all.   I'm wondering if anyone can offer advice on Cura / Wasp settings when printing timberfill PLA. Here are my settings, and is a video of the result.    https://streamable.com/rft67   Additionally, ColorFabb suggest: Print speed: 40-100 mm/s Flow rate to 0-10%   How can I adjust these paramaters and any tips on improving my print? Thank you! Matt
I'm fairly new to 3D printing and recently built my first 3D printer - the D-Bot Core XY. I've been getting some fabulous prints so far and I needed some help with support settings in Slic3r. I'm using version 1.2.9 which I think is the latest version. I printed a test part with the support material and it was extremely difficult to remove it. Any recommendations on these settings?
Hi there, I recently bought a FlashForge finder to print random things I have designed in Autocad, my problem is, is I don't know how long I can safely print without damaging the stepper motors or extruder, any help and knowledge would be much appreciated. My longest print so far has been four hours, but I have one that would go up to ten hours, I just wasn't sure if it could handle that.  
Hi, recently got a flsun kossel and apart from a couple issues it's. Working perfectly. One of those issues is the top and bottom layers don't seem to be joined together properly (spaces between the lines). The bottom layer is the main issues, but the top has issues as well. If anyone has some suggestions that would be great. If you need any details about settings let me know. Thanks