Anyone who can help find the issue?   I was removing the current filament and changing the position of the printhead via the Repetier manual movement options. It went up a bit and then stopped responding all together.   It will show up display, it will connect via USB, but wont do anything to take orders via manual button on the display or via PC.   All looks fine, but it just does nothing :(    
Hi, I recently ordered a Prusa mk3 printer, with the TXT (double-sided textured powder-coated) sheet, as appose to the default PEI (powder coated) sheets. Unfortunately, Prusa emailed me, about extensive manufacturing delays for the TXT, offering me to get the PEI instead, for a much quicker shipping time. 
So I am building a prusa mk2s "clone" on ramps 1.4 with a mk42 heated bed, e3d V6 noctua fans, tmc2100 etc etc I've run into a strange problem. So when I start a print the printer would run for 5 to 7 minutes and then stops. No errors. No nothing. The steppers get disabled, the heater drops and no error at all. After a while I only get a thermal runaway due to the heater dropping.
PLA on Prusa
I've included 3 pictures. After printing 17 mm or so correctly, something happened to cause this print to fail. It looks like the whole print is getting shifted a few centimeters to the right and forward, then it prints a few layers, and the print shifts again.   I'd appreciate any help in understanding this error. Thanks in advance.
Layer shifting
Hello, There are some strange things happening to my Prusa i3 MK2 since I updated firmware. There are unreasonable layer shifting in one of print models which I successfully printed before update several times. The same GCODE file now prints strangely. Also there are layer inconsistency and wiggling with no reason. I attached few photos to explain the problem.
I have had all the trouble in the world with my IIIP Maker Select V2 printer. The nozzle has recently been unable to get a first layer down 100%. I've tried resetting the bed thinking it may be the leveling, but that hasn't been successful. While using the heated bed I usually always have a couple corners warped which completely ruins the layering farther up the print.
I just purchased a Prusa i3 MK2S. After working out some newbie issues, I started printing some pieces for some costumes I'm working on (Iron Man and Thor). I'm using the PLA Filament which came with the printer and Slic3r Prusa edition. I'm also using 0.05mm print quality. So what my question is, why are my prints ending up like this? (see picture). It looks like the print isn't finished.
Hi. I'm looking at the P3steel as my first 3d printer. I've been looking at the one from HTA and the one from Orballo, but I can't decide for one. I like the design and the extruder from HTA, but I've read some bad comments about the HTA printer parts and components quality, and some others recommending the one from Orballo. Anyone with experience with any of them to help me decide?
Hi everyone!   I have been playing around with my new Prusa i3 MK2 for a few weeks now but I just can't get really good prints. This printer is starting to get on my nerves...:(   I have done some prints right after the printer was setup using the included silver PLA, the prints came out pretty good...see pictures...   Now after trying some Fillamentum ABS, things start to look different.   
I live in Australia a common budget 3d printer here is this which is essentially a re-brand of a Wanhao i3 Duplicator it is listed as being $400aud which is something I am perfectly willing to pay. However I have heard fantastic things about the original prusa (about 900aud and that is only a conversion I don't even know where to buy one in Australia and it would likely cost more than that).  
I've heard a lot of good things about this material so thought I'd get a couple of reels.  They arrived yesterday (white & clear) but I'm having real trouble getting them to stick properly to my PEI bed on the Prusa i3 Mk2.  I can get bits of the first layer to stick OK, but corners and fine detail don't lay down properly and some areas of solid infill lift and curl.