Roof of antweight
Hi,   I recently bought myself a QIDI Tech dual extruder and I am currently having a couple of issues with my 1st 3d print which is a flat roof for my antweight robot.    I am trying to print it in ABS plastic and I am using the QidiPrint splicing software but what I am getting are blobs, the nozzle going backwards and forwards which is running ontop of the print. I have to abandon 
I use to think I was an intelligent chap, I've had this QIDITECH Dual Extruder for a couple of weeks now.  I've managed to print a single good model.  But everything else I've printed has either come out badly or had to be aborted.   I've watched numerous videos on YouTube for setting up and levelling.  I've also had advice from others with 3D printers which have helped some.  
I've been working with Qidi Tech support for 2 weeks and we're going around in circles, so I hope someone here can help.  This started with a simple clog that couldn't be fixed by simple efforts.  So Qidi sent me a new nozzle piece.  NOT so simple!  It hasn't worked since.  The filament loads through the extruder but the hole between the extruder and the nozzle don't line up so it clicks.  Qidi ke
So I bought an X-Pro from amazon to replace my single extruder printer. This one has networking but it only works with qidi's own slicer. I took a bit of their code and created my own script to send gcode to the printer and start the prints remotely using simplify3d or whatever slicer you want. Its not written very well since I hate python and cant be bothered to clean up that code.
I have a QidiTech Dual Extruder which I've had for a couple of weeks not, I have the following filaments:   ABS and PLA, both came with the printer and two reals of PETG, one black opaque and the other transparent.   I've had some success with printing but generally I'm wasting a lot of filament.  I'm not sure that the default settings are suitable for all the filaments.  
Is there any way to make the print head move off the print when it switches extruders? It's not a huge deal but it sits for maybe ~1 second on top of what it just printed when it needs to switch extruders which leaves a little blob of print material. I'm using flexible PLA so I can't make it retract the filament which I assume is the normal solution to this problem. 
I noticed recently that my X-One2 would make clicking noises while it prints things. Whenever I hear these clicks, the print also seems to fail. I found an older thread regarding a similar issue but they had issues with extrusion. In my case, it is just this odd clicking sound that corresponds to print failure.
My new Qidi x-one 2 has printed several items with no issue, however, on the last print, it quit dispensing filament. I have determined there are no clogs or jams, but the filament will not come out. A little will come out after heating, but nothing comes out during printing. It just goes through the motions of printing with no filament coming out. What else can I do?
Hi all, I am a new owner of the Qidi Tech X-one 2 printer and while I love the simplicity of printing with it, I am having some issues with the included build sticker.  I have been reading about converting the build platform to use glass instead of the sticker.  Can someone please let me know what I will need to start this upgrade.   Thanks JP
I have a QIDI X one2.  The software installed with no errors (Win 10 64bit - Intel graphics).  When I try to run the QidiPrint software, I get this error: Could not probe open GL  This program requires open GL 2.0 or higher.  Please check your video car driver.   I have verified that OpenGL 3.1 is installed and that I have the latest video card driver.