I have the Qidi X-one2 & use Hatchbox PLA 1.75mm filament. When printing with the default settings, my prints often have lines or indentions streaked across where the nozzle leaves a line to head over to another area. I tried to alter the settings & enable retraction/z-hop among a few other tweaks & I get lots of stringing. With default settings, I had no cleanup, but lines...
When printer starts the priming line it goes about 2 inches before it starts extruding. From there it does the same basic thing when starting the skirt line. After that, everything prints fine. No setting in S3D that I  have manipulated seems to make a difference. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue.   Thanks 
I have two QIDI Tech 2 machines.  The newest model will not lowwer platform after cancelling a print?  The first one always lowers platform after cancel.   They have the same versions of sailfish v7.8 but have different AtMega 2560 dates.  I am afraid to try the update.cbd of the firmware since my first amchine works fine.   Any help on this or updates.   Joe
I have a Qiditech Dual Extruder, the filament loaders that came with the printer were ok for the initial filaments I purchased, the spooler length is 69mm in length.   I recently purchased more filaments and all of these are 1kg and require a longer spooler  length as the width of each of these filament reals is closer to 79mm in length.  
I've been printing with this machine for about a year or so now and I've really enjoyed it, but I've felt that the quality and complexity of my prints has been held back by the older slicers that came on the SD card.   A while back I tried using Cura as a slicer but ran into issues and resigned myself to my fate of using the most up to date version of MakerBot desktop. 
Wow!  I am new and I don't have all the terminology down yet but I am going to try.  I recently bought the Qidi and for the first month it worked great, but all of a sudden the left nozzle has stopped keeping the filiment hot.  It brings it up to temp, but as soon as it starts to print it begins to cool down.  I sit there and watch it as it does this.  What is going on?  I tried searching through
I've spent considerable time in Fusion 360 working with the scanned model of my own head.  I'm happy that the model is the correct scale.  When I export to STL and then open in QidiPrint it doesn't use the same scaling in fact the scale is nothing like the scale in Fusion 360.  Why is this?   Is there anyway to use the same scaling of the object in Fusion 360 thats exported to the STL ?
I'm trying to use ABS filament, the problem is that in most cases the print starts to lift off the bed before it completes printing.   The temperatures I'm using are:   For extrude 270, for bed 100.   I've tried other temperatures on the bed going down to 60 degrees, but its no better...I'm now trying going up, starting at 110.
Hello, I recently decided to purchase a Qidi X-Smart printer along with simplify 3d. So far I have had it for about a week and a half and have printed almost nothing but failed prints. All of my prints come out incredibly stringy and lackluster no matter how high I set the retraction distance, Retraction speed, XYZ speed or lower the temperature.
Good afternoon all. I have a Qidi Tech 1 and have been using makerware since I bought the printer this past October. I finally caved in, and purchased simplify3d. Once I get my model ready to slice, and try copying it to a sd card, an error pops up saying “gpx plugin error; did not copy file”. I’m using Windows 10 on an hp laptop. I have no clue on how to resolve this issue.