I'm using Cura 15.04.6 since it is the only one that will run on my computer. Everything slices correctly to the SD card that comes with the printer. Everything is normal with the beginning of the print until it completely stops. No more extruding or anything. It has been going on for the past week everytime I print. Is there any way I am able to fix this problem?
Hi! I upload my stl file on MakePrintable online stl file repair software and I got some details about my file. You can see on the attached picture. What I need is count the number of shell objects, but I have no idea how can I count just from the facets in stl file. If anyone could help me, please leave me an answer.
Hi!   I often need to browse folders full of STLs, and I was dissatisfied with the performance of most programs. So I wrote one myself where you can quickly skip to the next file with right arrow key.   If you’re a 64-bit Windows user, you can download it at http://papas-best.com/stlviewer_en   I hope it’s as useful to you as it is to me. If not, drop me a note and I’ll try to fix things!  
I received a file to print but the STL has some errors in it. The file is build as several squares and triangles placed close together to form a letter ('E'). because the squares are place at an angle of 90 degrees, there is a small gap between them at the corners.
Hi guys,    I hope you're already familiar with MakePrintable, a free online mesh repair tool for the 3D printing community. Give us all your broken STLs!   You can upload STL, DAE, AutoCAD, Collada and other 3D file formats to us to fix. You can then automatically fix the mesh, output to G-Code, resize etc.. We repair holes, flip faces and fix nonmanifold errors. 
Because he wanted too provide a simple solution to eliminating everyone's habit of cupping their phones to increase the volume. And because he did not wanted to have to buy/carry a bluetooth speaker, 3DSolio has created this very cool 3D printed passive amplifier.   His MiniAmp is easily 3D printable, he tried it with success on a Wanhao Duplicator, a M3D Microand a PrintrBot Metal Simple.  
The very creative design studio Atomicos has 3D modeled pretty cool warriors with a smart use of tabs. Their idea is to upcycle soda tabs by integrating them directly in the designing process.   The result: those 2 soldiers with tough armors and neat hat! Add toothpicks for the weapons and it's perfect.   Download this design on Cults here: https://cults3d.com/en/game/tab-warriors  
This cute little truck was created by designer JakeJake. Truck body and suspension prints in one piece. No need for support, they are built into part. Rim caps friction fit to body, no glue is needed. This one has been printed on a Ultimaker 2.   For a two-tone wheel ring, 19.8 mm is the appropriate height to swap filament if you are using a plugin to pause it.  
We have a Voxeljet sand/binder 2.5D printer. The interface only reads bitonal bitmap images, one at a time. For more complex forms, it can read a CSV (excel-type table) of ordered layers of PBM (bitmaps). I work on Rhino and produce rather complex forms and can export as STL for a number of printing solutions.
Do you need more discipline at work? Maybe you need a dictator on your desk to keep you on task! This cool 3D model is perfect to help you focus on your work or to put some pressure on your co-workers :)   You can download the Supreme Leader Bust Pen Holder for free on Cults here: https://cults3d.com/en/art/kim-jong-un-pen-cup   Do not hesitate to post your prints in comment!