I'm looking for someone that may be interested in designing a printing about 26 Star Wars Ships for a board game reskin I am working on. the ships need to be in the 1-1/2 - 2" long range. I have the rules for my game up on a website called boardgamegeek and have over 100 downloads so there may be interest in selling to other people as well.
  Kylo Ren modeling tutorial using Autodesk Maya.  I've prepared it for 3D printing using Makeprintable which prepares an Obj or Stl file for 3D printing. It ensured that my first print was successful. I've printed on a flash forge FDM printer and then colored in the mask using a marker  
  In the spirit of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" opening week, here's my version of the new BB-8 droid!   Demo and Making-of video:     It is fully 3D printed and powered by an Arduino-based robotic platform. This droid self-balances on two wheels, play native sounds, contains multiple programmable LEDs, and is remote controlled.  
Hey everyone! I've got great news!   3D Hubs is having a live stream session straight from our 3D Printing Lab in Amsterdam HQ! If you're curious about what we do or if you have accumulated 3D Printing questions, come meet us at 4pm tomorrow !   I, @victorp, 3D Printing expert, together with @telma from the Community Team, will be showing you our amazing fun Lab and we're excited to meet you!  
  Happy #3DPrintingDay everyone!   In celebration of this beautiful day our great friend @flowalistik designed two low-poly models based on the Star Wars universe. For all the people who haven't stopped talking about Star Wars since Star Wars: Episode VII has been announced, this is for you.  
Frozen in Carbonite by Darth Vader, Han Solo has been traded half-way across the galaxy to ultimately serve you as a budget microcomputer! The love of @rigelbot for Star Wars brought him to mix two excellent models into this stellar Raspberry Pi 2/B+ case! It works like a charm, but has limited ventilation in this version.