I have a question regarding the Tevo product the Slinky hosepipe. It is 2 years old. Was not used for 6 months & stored in my garage, due to water restrictions. Now when I turn the water on, it leaks like a spray from myriad tiny holes all over the hose pipe. Why does this happen. Can this hose leaks be fixed.
Top Layer
Hi. Im new to the 3D printing world. Ive just finished building my first 3d printer, Tevo Tarantula. Everything seems to be working fine, but the print quality is really poor. Any thoughts how to improve these "imperfections"?. It has like these holes all over the print, and the top layer seems to vanish completely. Any ideas? Thanks  
Dear Forum Members, I recently received a Tevo Tornado 3D printer. It works well, however I have a small issue with it- the “beep” sound it keeps making is driving me crazy. This sound is assumingly generated by the back Z-axis or the retraction filament. Can you please tell me how to turn it off? I would be much obliged. Thank you very much in advance.  
1st time user just purchased a Tevo little monster build went good. Ran 1st test cube ran great 2nd test run machine froze unable to home or do any tasks. Reboot clears ,machine homes,If I run the test tube again the machine freezes When the extruder starts to heat up. Any suggestions ?
Hi guys,   I have a working delta printer /Tevo Little Monster) at home and I'm very happy with it. But now I have a problem. I want to control an external pump (https://www.kdscientific.com/legato-130-syringe-pump.html) for another application. I have to control it with the firmware of my delta printer. Does someone has an idea how to realize it?
i have a tevo black widow, using cura 15.04.3 when i load my .stl file it prints opposite. it sounds a bit weird but if i move the image on the cura board it is the opposite side to the tevo bed, if that makes sense. it prints fine but should it do that?   has anyone else had this issue?     thanks   neil 
I have everything else working and my bed won't heat I tested the bed and it works off the 12 v supply With the wire to the heat bed unplugged the terminals on the board read 10 v when i put the wires in those terminals read 0 and thus not sending power to the bed The light for the heated bed works as dose the therest it cuts the light off when the bed comes up to heat Really need help I've looked
Recently I purchased a tevo tarantula. The early went smooth, but when it came time to print I noticed the filament being extruded was coming in thin streaks and would release small globs while printing. The print ends up coming out with many many gaps. I am very new to 3d printing and was hoping someone may be able to look at the images I provided and possibly help me out. Thanks!