Today I switched out my brass nozzle for a hardened steel one so I could print some more abrasive filaments. I noticed that my prints began to de-laminate really easily after this upgrade. I increased my temps and that seamed to fix the issue.. Is that normal? Is steel just less thermally conductive and thus needing a higher temperature?   The picture is just my two nozzles side by side
Hello, I recently built a tarantula according to the official build guide video on youtube. The extruder and heat bed seem to be working fine, but the servos do not move at all. When I press "Home all axis" nothing happens, and x-y-z servos all set their current position as home. What might be the problem? Thank you.
Hi everyone,  I got 2 days ago my new TEVO TORNADO,  And I still trying to make 3d prints in good quality but I have some issues that I don't know the reason for that.  I would like if someone knows the solution to my problems.     1. While I start printing after few layers of printing the product start go up and disconnect from the Heating bed - that make the product up and very bad printing.   
I recently bought a Tevo kit, and I finished building it a few days ago. I've had no luck with turning it on, I have everything plugged in properly and there's no power going to the board. When I plug in the PSU, it has a green light turn on and I can hear the fan, but there is no sign of power on the board itself. I've bought and installed wire connectors to everything.
I just got a new Tevo Tornado and it prints everything on the memory card that it come with perfectly but when I download something and try to print it from the computer it wont print worth a crap. I am using repetier host software. Can someone help me with this issue or maybe the settings are wrong and could help me set it up with the right settings. Thanks
I am printer with my tevo tornado and I have been trying to print this large letter F for a long my time now and I keep having the same issue and I'm not sure what is causing it. The layers on the print are going from thick to thin on the initial few layers and once it gets to the Infill I have to stop it because it's not working.
Hello guys! I am new to Tevo Tarantula and after a lot of pain, I managed to print normally with my printer. My only problem, I have is under extruding periodically on some layers! Can you please help me? My problem is described with pictures on Facebook Tarantula group:   Thank you for a great support!
I just finished assembling my tevo tarantula with the dual extruder upgrade and I am trying to print my first print. For whatever reason the extruder motor does not turn when the print starts. My display says stepper disabled and I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I really need some help, if anyone knows anything feel free to say it.
I have a question regarding the Tevo product the Slinky hosepipe. It is 2 years old. Was not used for 6 months & stored in my garage, due to water restrictions. Now when I turn the water on, it leaks like a spray from myriad tiny holes all over the hose pipe. Why does this happen. Can this hose leaks be fixed.
Top Layer
Hi. Im new to the 3D printing world. Ive just finished building my first 3d printer, Tevo Tarantula. Everything seems to be working fine, but the print quality is really poor. Any thoughts how to improve these "imperfections"?. It has like these holes all over the print, and the top layer seems to vanish completely. Any ideas? Thanks  
Dear Forum Members, I recently received a Tevo Tornado 3D printer. It works well, however I have a small issue with it- the “beep” sound it keeps making is driving me crazy. This sound is assumingly generated by the back Z-axis or the retraction filament. Can you please tell me how to turn it off? I would be much obliged. Thank you very much in advance.  
1st time user just purchased a Tevo little monster build went good. Ran 1st test cube ran great 2nd test run machine froze unable to home or do any tasks. Reboot clears ,machine homes,If I run the test tube again the machine freezes When the extruder starts to heat up. Any suggestions ?