Hey everybody,   so I've almost finished putting together my Tronxy X1 and hit a snag: I'm supposed to connect the extruder motor. I also have a cable for that. but there's nowhere to put it in on the extruder. The extruder itself also has a few cables coming out of it, but they're for power for the hotend and the thermostat, as well as the cooling fan.  
Hello, I recently bought a Tronxy x3a, and have experienced quite the learning curve. The hardware, physics, chemistry behind it?; I can do it in my sleep. The software, however.... I'm a kinesthetic learner. I have always been naturally good at anything hands-on and mechanical. I have been taking things apart to understand how they work since I was a toddler.
Hello everyone. I have an issue with my printer. As you can see from the pictures, the infill is not touching the perimeter everywhere. Could you please let me know what can I do? I am using the Simplifiy 3D slicer. You can see in the photos that on the first layer everything is really smooth. But the end layer isn't. And is irregularly touching the perimeter.
TronXy X5. White PLA
Hi to all on the forum. I've had a 3D printer for a while but still consider myself a newbie. I've been luvin this printer & have even used it to print parts for a new CNC router I'm building. My printer is a TronXy X5 that I have upgraded with extra linear bearings on the Z axis. I am curious about one thing though, the wavy lines that appear on straight sections on the X axis.
Hi there, I recently purchased and built the tronxy x1 3d printer. Unfortunately,  my z axis has a problem. Whenever I try to home my z axis, the motor makes a loud sound and slowly moves down. Also when it moves down I have to poke the metal shroud around the threaded rod to get it to go down. Also whenever I try to print something, my z axis can't go up =( PLEASE HELP ME!!!