FOR SALE: ULTIMAKER 2+ 3D PRINTER Excellent condition, prints super reliably in very fine detail, I have used this model for samples / prototypes and also for finished sale items.   Originally bought new in February 2017 from 3DGBIRE.   PRICE: £1,450 + delivery. Sorry, no offers.   PRINT HOURS
Does anybody know what causes this crack noise at 02:00 and the upcoming error message? The heat bed is a new one... resistance is measured and fine. Any help welcome! I have to switch off and on a few times, then its working This click sound sounds like missing steps of the Z Axis...
I just printed my first Marvin and to be honest I am not pleased at all. Would anyone mind to drop some suggestions? It is printed on an Ultimaker 2+.   Simplify3D Settings below.   Thank You guys! :)   ; G-Code generated by Simplify3D(R) Version 3.1.0; Mar 15, 2017 at 9:57:02 AM; Settings Summary;   processName,Process 1;   applyToModels,Marvin_2.5cm;   profileName,PLA
Hi,   I own a BCN3D Sigma dual extruder and I am relatively happy with Esun PVA as a support material.   I have also been printing with Scaffold by e3D, wich is a PVA modified, and performs better, but still have issues in terms of moisture and material adhesion.  
Hi everyone,   I am looking for a good 3d printer, and is interested in Ultimaker 3 Extended and BCN3D Sigma. Looks like they have similar features such as dual extruders. Can someone tell me which one is a better choice? Price is not a major concern here, just need to find a better one in terms of function / power. Thanks!
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*/ I'm selling my used but like new Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer. It comes with 3 used Filaments, they still have ~50% material.   The Machine was on for 251:41 minutes and has a total printing time of 166:03 min    The 3D printer is in very good condition, has no scratches or damages and is fully functioning! It was only used at one place, non smoking and cleaned after every usage.
printed with ultimaker 2+. PLA Silver Metallic
Hi Everyone,    I'm a newbie to 3D hubs. I've tried printing small marvin key chain, but i faced problems when i was using support structure. Based on the talk forum, I changed my settings and tried printing it without structure. The first marvin on your left hand side was printed without support. Rest of them were with support.    First marvin settings:  Layer height :0.2mm  Infill Density : 30%
Hi all,   I'm building an Ultimaker 2 Extended clone I found on thingiverse (link  below) and I'm trying to understand how can I manage to print high res details like a genuine Ultimaker   As fas as I'm aware, the "resolution" is defined by 2 things 1. Nozzle diameter 2. Stepper motors (X, Y and Z) micro-stepping capabilities  
I need to calibrate my X axis. I would like to use a formula so that I can be within the tolerances of the belts themselves. I used an online calculator at, and that worked for my Y axis, but the problem is, my X axis contains two pulleys, 1 with 18 teeth (On the motor itself) and the rest of the gantry at 20 tooth. How can this be worked out?  
Gepassioneerd door 3D printing? Lees zeker verder!   Trideus, hoofdverdeler van o.a. Ultimaker en Formlabs voor de Benelux is op zoek naar een 3D printing specialist om ons team te versterken. Alle geïnteresseerden kunnen zich melden via   Meer info over de vacature: