Do you want to experience the new Ultimaker S5, and gain insight into the world of 3D printing, prototyping, and production? Then the Ultimaker S5 launch event organized by Local Makers in Amsterdam is the right place for you!  Within the event you will have the opportunity to: Talk to experts in 3D printing Check the new Cura functions Get valuable design and prototype advice for free!
over the last year, i have gathered of mot of 3d printing hardware and electronics. My collection is now to the point of being able to build an entire 3d printer out of it. I already own a prusa mk2, a tronxy and a tevo little monster. So i wanted to build something different from these machines.  I also have acces to a laser cutter, so a laser cut frame would be prefered.
FOR SALE: ULTIMAKER 2+ 3D PRINTER Excellent condition, prints super reliably in very fine detail, I have used this model for samples / prototypes and also for finished sale items.   Originally bought new in February 2017 from 3DGBIRE.   PRICE: £1,450 + delivery. Sorry, no offers.   PRINT HOURS
Does anybody know what causes this crack noise at 02:00 and the upcoming error message? The heat bed is a new one... resistance is measured and fine. Any help welcome! I have to switch off and on a few times, then its working This click sound sounds like missing steps of the Z Axis...
I just printed my first Marvin and to be honest I am not pleased at all. Would anyone mind to drop some suggestions? It is printed on an Ultimaker 2+.   Simplify3D Settings below.   Thank You guys! :)   ; G-Code generated by Simplify3D(R) Version 3.1.0; Mar 15, 2017 at 9:57:02 AM; Settings Summary;   processName,Process 1;   applyToModels,Marvin_2.5cm;   profileName,PLA
Hi,   I own a BCN3D Sigma dual extruder and I am relatively happy with Esun PVA as a support material.   I have also been printing with Scaffold by e3D, wich is a PVA modified, and performs better, but still have issues in terms of moisture and material adhesion.  
Hi everyone,   I am looking for a good 3d printer, and is interested in Ultimaker 3 Extended and BCN3D Sigma. Looks like they have similar features such as dual extruders. Can someone tell me which one is a better choice? Price is not a major concern here, just need to find a better one in terms of function / power. Thanks!