Hi there,   I'm currently trying to set up a Deltawasp 2040 for ceramic use but am struggling to get clay adhesion to the base plate on all of my models. I thought it might be the clay mix that is the issue, but I am able to get the same mix printing correctly with some models but not with others. Any help on how to create adhesion would be great. Thanks
We're just getting started with the machine and there has been a discussion of 3d Printing nozzles for clay extrusion? We have the nozzle of that came with the clay set up but we're also interested in exploring other nozzles if they're out there. Any links to 3d models that can be downloaded? We have the capability to print with Type A Machines Series 1 Pro or Form Lab Form 2. Thanks!
Hi there everybody, I have a problem I cannot resolve.... in the middle of the print the printer started to underextrude the object. Stopped the print, tried again, but still underextruding... the filament pusher does "stuck" sound. I cleaned well the extruder, also with needle and iron stick from above, it looked like it was solved, but after thirty minutes here again the same thing...
I am the new guy.    I just started working a new job that involves a lot of 3D printing (although I am not that familiar it) and the WASP 2040 died on me.    The display stopped displaying and everything else died too. Is there a fuse somewhere that I should be looking for?    Any input is more than welcome because I am aware of my newbeeness am kind of troubled right now.   Thank you  
Hi all.   I'm wondering if anyone can offer advice on Cura / Wasp settings when printing timberfill PLA. Here are my settings, and is a video of the result.    https://streamable.com/rft67   Additionally, ColorFabb suggest: Print speed: 40-100 mm/s Flow rate to 0-10%   How can I adjust these paramaters and any tips on improving my print? Thank you! Matt
We are printing a prosthetic socket stl file on a DeltaWASP 20x40. It is approximately a 10cm diameter and 40cm height hollow cylinder, printed with 0% infill and six perimeters. We create the .stl file in a program called Omega, then create the g-code in Slic3r. We set all the print settings in Slic3r, then export the g-code onto the SD card that came with our DeltaWASP printer.
Ok...I've tried to understand the solution, but I must be thick.  I am able to adjust the three outside positions so that a sheet of paper just slides underneath the printer head.  The center position (position 0) is to high though, and the paper won't slip under it.  As a result my ABS prints don't adhere on the edges.  My z axis setting at home position is 442.