Greetings Hubers! I have 3 printers in my collection, a prusa Hephestos, an Ultimaker Original Plus and a Zortrax M200. I am planning to add another one but i am struggling to find one with the specs i want. So my ideal printer is 1. Enclosed Frame 2. Dual Extruders ( more for PVA or Hips rather than 2 color prints) 3. Heated bed   4. Easy Changable Nozzles (0.4 - 0.8 for wood pla)
I have been thinking about either building or purchasing a low cost 3D printer to just basically have fun with to enjoy the technology. Nothing too fancy, something that will print well small objects that can be used for household purposes and design based purposes.
Für all die Bastler und Tüftler unter uns: Hier ein interessanter Blog auf dem 6 Brüder regelmäßig Bilder, Updates und ihre Erfahrungen aus der Werkstatt beim Bauen verschiedenster Drucker teilen. Vielleicht hat ja jemand von euch schon Erfahrungen mit dem DIY 3D Drucker gemacht? Was denkt ihr, eher zu viel des Guten oder die neue Herausforderung schlechthin? Würd mich über Meinungen freuen!
Best build surface/material for printing directly onto with PLA. No heat.   Repeat. NON-HEATED bed.   How does acrylic hold up? Saw an image online that someone drilled out a hole below the home position of the hot end - so it doesnt melt, and any of that plastic 'swarf' pre-print stringiness just drops through to a tray below.    Buildtak - how long does it last, does it need pretreatment?