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Discounted brand new filament in different colors for sale! We have a 3D printing service business and we had a need for many colors last year. Now, we are mainly printing in basic colors and want to offload some of our inventory. We bought these, never opened, ABS & PLA 1KG spools and they are brand new. Selling at $13/spool. **Normal price is $22-25 per roll!!**
I have had my Qidi Tech X-One foe 1.5 yrs. Awesome printer, but the other day it started doing something wrong. After temps have been reached the hotend should do a wipe on the front edge of the print bed, but now it goes straight to the center of the bed as it is extruding filament. Also the hotend doesn't reach the bed so it just extruds in mid air.
Made for the movie Assembly Required - check out the trailer here:  The intricate armour was the biggest challenge, built up in many layers using masks
Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know how we've been using 3D HUBS in a movie project, Assembly Required. It's an indie comedy drama that will speak to you if you have a passion for creation, particularly if you've played board games. As such, the movie involves a lot of miniature sculptures, and recently I've been working in ZBrush and getting these 3D printed in resin.
Hi... I'm fairly new to 3D printing and have bought  TL4076 Mini 3D printer. I am having MEGA troubles and hope that someone can help me.   My bed is NOT heated and it is 90mmX90mm Square. I am not getting a perfect first layer. Please keep in mind I am only 13. The first layer does not stick to ANYTHING. even heat. I am so confused on what to do. I can send pics if need be.   Bailey.
Wanhao Di3 / Sunlu Orange PETG
Hi everybody,    I think I could really use your experts help :-D   i'm printing on a Wanhao Duplicator i3 and slicing with Cura. Until now I was using PLA and was getting mostly clean results. I decided to switch to PETG for more resistance, but i'm completely struggling to get good results.    I tried to print this test :  
Comes with 1 TAZ 6, 1 Flexystruder, 1 Dualstruder, and the original extruder. It also comes with all original cables and the lulzbot toolkit. Extra filament will also be included: Protopasta Magnetic Iron PLA, Ninjaflex, Taulman Tbridge, Colorfabb, copolyester, Polylite PLA, eSun PVA, Inland PLA, and Inland ABS. Comes with original packaging. Does not include an SD card.
The original hotend on my select mini is starting to give me problems so I figured it's time to upgrade. Several people have told me I might want to upgrade to an all metal hotend because of efficiency reasons. Sounds good to me, but I was wondering if anybody can tell me if there are any on the market that are a direct replacement for the select mini V2.