1st print is done - please help diagnose problems



I’ve printed a 4x4x4 (cm) cube on my Tevo Tarantula. I used 30% infill and Cura defaults. Material is PLA. Extruder at 210 deg. + bed at 55 deg.

On the X axis the cube is almost 4cm, on the other two axes 0.5mm off - is this normal?

  • Is it something that requires calibration?

The cube seems like it is a little twisted, so the edges are not perfectly straight. If The print would have been twice or 3 times as tall I think this would be very noticeable.

  • How can I fix this?

Some layers are missing form the walls - I have been told this is due to material getting stuck inside the hot end and I should try to cut the tube that feeds the material so it will be straight and that way the material won’t be able to build up in the hot end.

Top has some holes in it.

  • Why is that?

  • Note there is a wave like pattern on the cube sides - why is that? How to fix it?

Thank you very much for any help and tips.


Hey There,

1: If this is something that will prevent your model from working than it is something you have to calibrate… but in my opinion its always better to know the tollerances of your printer and try to embedd them in your 3d model. Its easyer to make the model work than the printer.

2: What do you mean with twisted? can you upload a specific picture wich shows the problem? the only thing i can imagine is that your printer is not straigt. so the bed (y axis) is not alligned relative to the x axis. Grab some string and a 90° angle and check your allignment

3: If the top has holes just increase the Top/Bottom layers in Cura. It depends on Filament and Bedleveling how much you use. If its over 4 and still holes try to level your bed a little bit closer to your nozzle so the lines get spread out a little more.

4: The wave Like Pattern often comes from lose belts or to much friction in the bearings. Locate if it is x or y and try to adjust accordingly.

Hope i could help you with this quick run down of your problems.

Let me know if you get it to work.

Best Regards,