3d Hubs - please separate colors from layer height!



I just left $50+ on the table (small change for you maybe)! The customer chose 300 micron white, but asked for 100 micron in the comment. I’ve printed for him before so I failed to look closely at the order. I know it’s my own fault, but the way they choose layer heights mixed in with color is certainly sub-optimal!


Totally agree!


same here, customers choosing cheapest option but demanding lowest layer height in comments… hence arguments then bad reviews…


Yes please.


Jep agree, it’s on the roadmap. Q2 we’ll launch a new material system, next up will be color selection (hopefully end Q2, but should def. be done Q3). Best, Filemon


Super! I’ll just have to be more careful until then. :wink:


I agree, some clients have a hard time changing the layer height once the order is submitted, as the menu is confusing and difficult to find.