I used Raise 3D N2 Dual for two years and never have this kind problem.
The layer of the printed part get separated. Compared with regular layer separation problem here is no warp on my parts where the layer get separated. Also, compared with regular layer separation here are lots of print mess from where the layer get separated.

It hard to descript but you can see the different from the picture. I don’t know what detail I should include to help myself make the problem more clear. Please let me know if I can provide more information to find the problem.

It looks like pretty bad under extrusion but why?
Could be a partially clogged nozzle or other mechanical issues.
What filament brand and type?
Temps and speeds?
What type of extruder? Is it an all metal?

I am using PLA only at this printer. It is 3DSolutech filament and it is 1.75mm.
It is printing at 205c nozzle temp and 65c bed temp. It is default printing speed at 50mm/s
It is an all metal extruder.

Has this filament worked of before?

The things that come to mind are to slow it down a bit to say 40mm/s.
Reduce retraction, what is it now and what slicer?

This printer and filament never have this problem before for 2 years. This problem suddenly happened around a month ago.

I am going to guess it is a partial clog maybe. Could be the nozzle or further up in the hotend. One issue all metal hot ends have with PLA is heat creep. This is usually caused by numerous fast and or long retractions like when printing something small.

The filament gets soft up in the part of the hotend that should be cool and can start to clog it.
I would run some cleaning filament to make sure the hotend is cleared out and make sure that the cooling is functioning properly.

It is printing at 205c nozzle temp and 65c bed temp. It is default printing speed at 50mm/s.