3Deified.com 3D printer powder is a joke. We have tried everything to make this material work in our ProJet 660 to no avail.

This material does not work at all. Buyer beware. Ive tried every powder setting to no avail. They mention its similar to Noble 3D’s powder, but Noble’s powder settings did not work with this material either. Trying to get a refund but there is no phone number, no address, nothing! Going to report them to the better business bureau.

3Deified 3D printer powder/composite is such a waste of money! Does anyone know 3Deified’s phone number? We are going to stick with Noble 3D’s products because so far, their products are the only 3rd party products that actually work! We have tried Canada Powder, Gecko 3D, 3Diamond, ZD115 and they all blow turds.

They sell this junk on Amazon