3dhubs - Don't let customers submit same order to multiple hubs!


If I see a customer with 0 complete orders and 3 in process I know they’ve submitted the same model to multiple people. We do a lot of work when getting a model- to check it and make sure it will print and plan on how to fit it into our schedule. These are the people that cancel for no reason. They bring down our completion rate. They’re playing us off each other and we don’t know why.

Allowing that sucks.


Agreed but I wouldn’t expect much from 3Dhubs


Sometimes they have a valid reason for multiple orders.

Some that I have seen are

- Want to have a sample from few different hubs before making a big order with one

- Have a tight deadline and know that a few hubs will need to each print part of order

- Making something with multiple materials. Example ninjaflex for some parts and pla for other.

- One hub is lower priced but did not have all color variations needed, so cheaper to go cheap hub then pricier for other color

- Could also have completed the previous orders but it hasnt been 10days passed to move to complete category


Agreed! this is unfortunate. I have spoken with support and the only thing you can do is contact them and ask them to fix it.


Agree with this. we don’t know if the user has placed several different orders or the same order with multiple hubs, but 3D Hubs do.