background - purchased an Anet A8 from the"factory" - within a week - the SD card slot failed. I had never been able to connect it via USB and Repetier ( using 21inch 2011 Apple iMac running current and updated Sierra 10.12.4) After being refused a free replacement - the attitude changed when I advised a PP case would follow. After another 2 weeks I got it. And I Facebook tip got me a new driver - not apparently available on the Repetier websites downloads.

Meanwhile I had ordered a second A8 ( full spares kit was the thought!) at a reduced intro price offer. A8 - 1, when connected via USB /Repetier… starts too print about 20mm above the bed. Put the same g-Code file on the SD card… prints fine - but I lose the USB - unless somebody knows a cure. A8+1 had problems with the Z drive rods. I think the turning machine broke down and they were finished off by a monkey with an hammer and chisel - two weeks on waiting for BangGood to send out new drive rods and Brass T bearings. IF I try to run teh snagged rods - the left Z motor cannot start up - I am guessing the pits and bumps are stopping smooth motion - even after some patient work with sandpaper ( the fine grain stuff for metal) and a liberal coating of silicone grease.

So with that in mind and the future looking grim if something else fails - I remembered a YT vid of Joe at some faire and showing the - then new kit which allows additional extruders - mutuality colour prints. Delivered to Aussie it about us$1300.

So I was seriously considering getting one on order… then I see on a none specific brand Facebook page a couple of posts where the multi nozzle set up - clogged up and created havoc. So in such a situation - is the guy left to sort it out without advice - or is there a support team?

Is this kit a seriously complicated starter for a newbie?

anybody been in my situation and can offer some advice - which will be appreciated.

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The multi color upgrade is not available yet. They are working on improvements. It is only out to beta testers so the clogging etc. info may be more speculation more than anything else.

The kit is not for everyone but the documentation is good and there is a lot of support available. The kit is challenging but very doable.

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I bought the MK2S kit for US699 and managed to assemble it in 19 hours total (with no prior experience in any forms of assembly). The online documentation for the assembly is very detailed and be sure to read the comments that other users made as well. I reckon it would be better to assemble it yourself so that you can learn how to troubleshoot or upgrade it in the future. :slight_smile:

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I agree and good point on the user comments.

Even though I had experience I also took two 10 hour days to assemble. Took my time, took breaks etc.

Thanks for the replies, my main concern is that the Anet A8 is basically a good printer for the money - the down side is that there always seems to be a quality issue - poor engineering, motherboards which with SD card slots that fail in a very short time, bad soldering and loose connections to the green power input sockets etc,. Acrylic frame parts crack/break easily either when tighening screws or vibration - it goes on and on.

Unless I confused the meaning - the Prusa website seems ti indicate they do not have any support - only their forum. Is this the real situation?? It seems strange any product building a reputation for quality should NOT have any support team.

I hear the new/latest version does not use the plastic zip ties - and uss a more secure method - have you guys got these new version?

More quality issues and bad parts and BangGood just expect me to wait and wait… so I think my options are to try to sell on these A8’s and order a better machine from Joe Prusa.

I ordered the Original Prusa i3 mk2 kit during Christmas last year. I was very worried I would struggle to put it together with all the talk about how long it takes. It took me maybe 4-6 hours… tops. When I got it put together, the P.I.N.D.A. wasn’t working. I got on with online tech support at 1am my time, and they got me all squared away. I had a new P.I.N.D.A. probe in a few days time and I have been printing like a madman ever since. I love my Prusa so much, I ordered a second (the Original Prusa i3 mk2s) along with the S upgrade for the first one I bought. I know there are a lot of people out there who praise the Prusa machine… but it doesn’t even come close to how good they really are when you actually own one. I love mine! If you want a hassle-free printer, spend the money and get the Original Prusa. They support it. It’s the best machine out there.

Thanks for your reply and praise for the machine. I accept that sometimes - a rogue slips through and cause problems… its how the problem is dealt with which your reply seems to indicate its hassle free and quick. My opening post describes some of teh hassle and hoop jumpling needed to get anything - what I missed out was that I was refused a free replacement board - until I said OK, I will let PayPal buyer protection decide if your terms and conditions apply to a motherboard only in use over 4 days - THEN I got a free issue - which too 16 days to arrive.

I think my mind is made up to join the Prusa Clan - the reason behind my post apart from the clones - is one report on a facebook showed a guy with a Prusa complaining it was just rubbish and caused him a lot of trouble and expense to get it sorted out. The picture he showed was a hotend covered in plastic - so I guess that he was away when something happened and the extruder kept pouring it out - or I had a similar event when I pulled the wrong plug out and the printing stopped - the bed was locked up and the model just blended itself into the hot end! So my fault not the machines.

Thanks again - and hope you are patient when I get the Prusa and need help!! :slight_smile:

If you buy a fully assembled one then it is full on support. If you buy the kit then support is via chat and email to Prusa and also online groups such as facebook. There is no shortage of people willing to help. I have used the chat for support a couple times and it is fine.

The biggest issues I have seen are people not putting the printer together correctly or not following directions in order.

Hi Thanks for that info.

I know its not the same build etc,. but I have assembled two Anet A8 and had them back in pieces to “debug” issues with the drive rods and such.

So all in all, the building does not daunt me, well not too much… but after dealing with the Anet “manufacturers” and stores like GearBest, its “after sales” support for the machine itself rather than building and using it that is my focus.

I have checked on the forum and it seems very active dealing with newbies - so that’s a good point.

Costs point me towards the kit I suppose.

Hello QC,

If you just want to print 2 colors rather than enjoy DIY assembling or learn the technology of 3d printers,

Why not to get a pre-assembled machine?

In most cases, pre-assembled 3d printer is more stable than DIY KIT cause its spare parts better(more costly) and calibrated at factory.

This one is highly-recommened Yite ET-K1 build volume 8x8x8’’

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Zoe, Thanks for that information.

I think my first interest was seeing Joe at some Sales promotional faire - on youTube that is. T o then and still - seeing a 3D printer that could allow four colours - seemed magic!

I suppose in real terms two colours is probably as much as will be needed. Although the attraction is that more extruders can be added later.

I have looked at your link and the machine does have some attractions - but I think my mind is set on the Joe Prusa machine.

Hope you will understand…

The kit is not bad. I took my time and it worked out nicely especially saving $200. I think building it also gives you more insight into how it is working and how to troubleshoot print problems.

I agree with what you say, after building two A8s, it does seem easier to spot things maybe going adrift or "not quite right!.

Its also nice to save the $200 (cost of a third A8!)

I think it will be that I get the kit and build it. I am not in a major rush to build it as fast as possible when it arrives… I have these A8’s to “play” with till its done. The “saved” $200 will cover add on’s and stuff I don’t know about yet.

Expect me back pleading when it arrives…

Yes it still uses plastic zip ties except for the print bed y axis bearings. They now have a metal bracket to hold them in place.

There is also a large group on facebook that offers lots of support.

Thanks… will look them up.

Yesterday I requested shipping costs shipped to Australia…

It’s ok, my friend.

when you wanna order filaments or upgrade your gear, just feel free to contact me.

Our filaments are all Class A. made from imported raw materials.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Zoe, Thanks for that information. maybe you can check this link and tell me if you supply is better and not more expensive. I think shipping Filament a long distance make it too expensive.