Additive Manufacturing Infographic



Hello fellow Hubs,

Ever been lost in the midst of all the different 3D printing technologies? Well, I have. A lot.

To help add clarity to it all, we’ve done some research and created an overview of the most widely used 3D printing technologies to serve as a useful guide.

Additive-Manufacturing-Infographic-3DHubs.png (0 Bytes)

Starting from high level grouping, the infographic guides you through the printing process, technology titles and materials, ending with the key industry players. The overview is part of our definitive guide to 3D printing, an in-depth resource covering everything from 3D printing technologies to applications.

I’ve been part of many discussion about where to put what technology, which technologies are different and which are actually the same (take the DMLS vs. SLM battle for example). Although I strongly believe we came to a good result I also realize that there’s still much to debate. So if there’s any questions or different views I’d love to discuss them in this thread.

Big shout out to @Bali, @FrancescoB and @adamhayek who did most of the work for this. Special thanks goes to Joris Peels @Joris_21 (Twitter: @pilz) and Michael Molitch-Hou @Mike_6 (Twitter: @RealityInc) for their expertise and input, much appreciated! I’d also like to mention Noah Fram-Schwartz, who made a very useful overview earlier that was of great help.

That’s it, hope you all like it!




Lovely Infographic, very clear! And no problem helping out!


Awesome infographic! Beautiful and simple. Love it!




Wow, it’s beautiful and useful, good job!


looks great! will print it out as a large banner for our makerspace!


Awesome! :slight_smile:


Can this be made in a larger poster for purchasing? :slight_smile:



Hi @scottjanousek! We’re reopening our ‘swag store’ (incl. poster) within the next few weeks, but as I’m sending out a batch of posters anyway next week, I’v put you on the list :wink: