Advice needed



Hey guys,

Hope this is the right place for this, I recently purchased an A8 (my first 3d printer) along with the bed autoleveling sensor. Got it all assembled and tried to upgrade to marlin as it didn’t seem to support autoleveling oob. Successfully bricked the mainboard in this attempt so purchased an ASP to unbrick it. Turns out that the arduino IDE needs me to update the ASP before I can update the Anet mainboard. So now I’m stuck with the choice of buy another ASP and hope its up to date or just buy a new mainboard. If anyone can tell me pros and cons of these options and give me some suggestions of replacement mainboard that’d be awesome.

Also when my printer arrived it had 2 fairly sizeable scratches in the top surface of the heatbed. I understand from reading other threads warranty claims are a pain in the neck (aka non existent) so suggestions on a replacement heatbed (or alternatives to this ie should I just add a sheet of glass?) would also be great.

Thanks in advance