Anet A8 help :(



Issue #1 Startup (right z axis moves more than left)

Checked belts, replaced couplers etc don’t know why this happens

Issue #2 That noise can’t be good. This one literally just started happening. Checked fans and no loose cords in them

Any help greatly appreciated.


Two things I will try. 1. Swaping Z1 and Z2 connector. The Z1 and Z2 motors are connected to the same driver even they have two different connectors. It looks like the right motor is turning faster. Were the set screws tighten on the shaft? 2. unplug the cooling fan to see the noise goes away.


#1 it not move more it stupidly blocket, check your left Z axis nut or lead screw.


the left Z can.t move. try rotating by hand and see where it blocks.

remove the fan and check where it touches the case/grill.


Edit. #2 is fixed. Took fans off and removed the additional two screws I’d put in.

Current status on #1 Spliced both z motors together to run off one plug. Seems to get half way through a print but half way the extruder started scraping. Ie losing Z steps.

Tried other Z input and it does that weird thing with the right stepper again. I can easily turn both by hand. I think I’ll look at another board?


Confirmed both seem fine by hand


exchange the cables