Anyone else suddenly stop getting orders?


I went through and looked at my pricing and compared to other local hubs and see I am still very competitive. So then I acted like I was brand new to 3dhubs, loaded an STL and went through the helping guild. I selected the lowest quality, cheapest pricing, every option picking the bottom of the barrel. The answer given back… I want SLA… WHAT??? Thanks 3DHubs, yet again, feeling screwed over by this site.

PS. 3Dhubs will also side with a customer that clearly was set out to wreak your rating, even when gave 100% including shipping refund, Then the “client” rated 1 star everything after the refund. I asked for it to be removed and was told … nope.



What route did you take in the material wizard? That doesn’t sound like the right recommendation.

Here’s a video I just made, did you get the same results:




Mathew, your ratings look good and your hubs look good, so I do not think the one bad review is hurting you.

I recently suggested to 3dhubs that they allow a hub with very good reviews and a solid track record a means of preventing an attack like you experienced, as well as weighting recent reviews less strongly over all reviews. I THINK there was some agreement on it…

As for why you are not getting orders, and the new “material selector”-- several hubs have seen a drop in sales… put your input in over in this thread. You dont have to read the whole thing, you will get the gist quickly. Respond to the main poster, so your input is at the top of the page…



I think in cases, maybe like this, where something I assume went wrong (customer didn’t like it etc.) and the Hub took proper action that the review/ratings should be limited to how the resolution was handled. Something like "what was the nature of the issue and was the resolution timely and satisfactory and if you don’t think it was then it goes to 3Dhubs owner to make the call and set the feedback. Some system to help people from leaving a review out of simple spite or a more malicious reason.

eBay has really locked down their review section over the years. Now it really is if you don’t have something good to say you don’t get to say much.


Besides that helping guide I think it just comes in spurts once in a while too. I went a month with no orders and then last week I had 6 orders


I am so SAD, This is such a fun thing to part of and now I am starting to see a us vs them attitude start to emerge in a few post which is really making me feel sad. I mean FREAK PEOPLE we have such an AWESOME WAY TO MAKE 3D PRINTING available to everyone. This is a tool as far as I am concerned to facilitate a smooth transaction between myself and my hub’s clients. BUT WAIT this site is so much more than this! We are and we have been a community… A community like no other community in the world…We are the World. The World of Makers Connected to fellow Makers, here on this round blob we call Earth. I feel like I am part of the bigger picture and that I am existing in a new world where it is wicked awesome to be the Geek. but I must say that these new changes have hurt my hub and my fellow community of FDM geeks and geekettes! :frowning: :frowning: I am so very disheartened and just downright sad that this is going on for so long, please let me try to explain with a short version… I think the material selection section needs to be worded differently… :wink:

I really want us to stay a happy productive community of FDM printers/makers… I do not think that FDM machines have become obsolete as of yet. :wink: I think they are very cost effective as well, especially when based on price.:wink: I hope this gets fixed…maybe I should put off building better BIGGER FDM machines…ha! fingers crossed! and praying


I´m not getting orders either.


It’s been more than 3 weeks so far and not one new customer order. I’ve only gotten two orders from repeat customers in that time.

@Filemon I’m currently ranked the highest in my area, and reached “professional” status a while back. Any ideas?


I can´t believe it ! I got two orders ! One returning customer and one that made an inquiry long time ago and put an order now. So, in a way, returning customers. It´s true what others say. “All of it.”


Hi @eckerj, I’ve checked all your stats and everything looks good.

Most likely, orders in your area are slower these 2 weeks. We’re looking into a solution to add an indicator of the amount of orders in your area to your dashboard. that way you can assess these kind of questions yourself.

Something that’s good to mention on a more general note is that the spread (variation) of orders in an areas can be very high. That also explains the ‘spurts’ talked about in this thread.

Hope that explains a bit, best,



Hey George, thank you for the video. I went a different way, function, strength, low cost, and still got SLA, retested on 3/30/17.


In building a statistical graph one bad review does hurt greatly, it then takes on average 10+ excellent reviews to recover from the one. That is the Achilles heal and most systems do not have some compensation factor built in.