A professional FDM printer with dual extruders, large 21 x 29.7 x 21 cm build volume and 50 micron maximum resolution. Its main differentiator is the Independent Dual Extruder system, which allows users to print without geometric limitations using dissolvable support materials (PVA, HIPS) and to combine various materials for multimaterial and multicolor printing.

I acquired the BCN3D Sigma Printer in Mid-2016 (still under warranty) and used only a handful of times with some great prints (few failed prints too), Last print was 4 weeks ago. I no longer use or need the 3D printer, hence the sale.

The BCN3D printer works fine for my needs but I know it can achieve better results with tweaks and settings.

Also comes with stack of Filaments as you can see from the pictures, PLA and ABS. Other accessories include: Small clamps, Blue tapes and a bottle of acetone.

The Printer comes with all its accessories and manuals and is packed ready to ship.

Contact me on protoscan3d@gmail.com

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