Hi Fellow 3D Hubbers.

Recently acquired the BCN3D Sigma and its awesome :slight_smile:

However just wondering if anyone knows how to print from the Right hand nozzle as my main nozzle instead of the Left hand nozzle.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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Just open the gcode, type T1 in the first line and save the file.

:slight_smile: Thanks

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notice t0 for left extruder and t1 for the right one, sometimes the line comes writen in taht case change 0 or 1 as you like, if is not just write it your self, open the gcode archive with any txt archive manager even windows one, but if you said you have a sigma you just have to update the cura software theres one especific for the bcn3d sigma, from the cura you now have a case to chosse wich extruder you want…