Bed adhesion problem - Creator Pro



I have a problem with the first layer not adhering to the bed correctly. I typically use a brim, and it almost never lays down correctly. I thought it was a moisture problem with my filament, but I just cracked open a new roll and I’m still having the same issue. Unless I print a really large print, I can’t get it to stick. I’ve releveled many times.

I’m using the stock bed that came with the Creator Pro, PLA exclusively, around 200 degrees C, 50 degrees C print bed temp and between 20-50 mm/s travel speed. I just opened some Opret filament, and was previously using some Hatchbox that had been out in the air for about a month (I print a lot of small things).

Complicating this is that I may have damaged the printer a few weeks back. We had a power blip and when it came back on I sent it to “home position” so I could safely remove the failed print - thinking that home position would lower the bed (I should’ve re-read the manual). Instead the print bed raised (with my print still on it) directly into the y-axis rods. The rods visibly bowed a bit at the moment but I pulled the print bed down while cancelling that action, and I haven’t seen any actual bowing permanently. I regreased the z and y axis rods as well. Fortunately the nozzle assembly was off to the side, but since then I’ve heard a slight crinkling at certain points when the z-axis rod is moving, and I’m assuming that I’ve busted the z-axis linear bearings. I need to fix that as well, but I don’t really understand why I can’t seem to get good bed adhesion. I’ve re-leveled the bed several times, and the issue isn’t really location specific, but does seem to be more on the left than the right.

Ordinarily, I would assume that I’m still having a filament problem or perhaps I should upgrade to a glass print bed, but I have a lurking fear that I’ve damaged something in my y-axis assembly which is somehow affecting nozzle height off the bed. Again, there’s no visible change that I can see when it’s printing but maybe someone here knows more than I do.

Any advice here, either on the potential damage to the printer, or on the bed adhesion, would be greatly appreciated.