Greetings Hubers! I have 3 printers in my collection, a prusa Hephestos, an Ultimaker Original Plus and a Zortrax M200. I am planning to add another one but i am struggling to find one with the specs i want. So my ideal printer is

1. Enclosed Frame

2. Dual Extruders ( more for PVA or Hips rather than 2 color prints)

3. Heated bed

4. Easy Changable Nozzles (0.4 - 0.8 for wood pla)

5. Of course great quality

6. Auto Bed Leveling

7. Optional stainless steel nozzle for Carbon Filaments

I found a lot reliable printers but there isnt a printer all in one. So thats how my searching went so far;

a) Witbox. Good price, nice prints but no heated bed or dual extruder.

b) Ultimaker 2. Nice prints but i dont like customer support

c) Flashforge Creator Pro. Nice price and prints but very small print volume.

d) Lulzbot Taz 5. Great machine but i think they dont have resellers in Europe for spare parts.

e) Leapfrog Creatr HS. I was ready to buy this but i read some negative reviews.

f) Builder Dual Feed. Massive build volume good quality but not heat bed ( optional +200 euros and it reaches 90 degrees)

g) Wasp Delta 2040. I love this machine. No dual extruders.

h) IRA3D. A new italian printer with dual extruder,heated bed, enclosed frame that prints carbon. All in one but i havent found any reviews so i am skeptical for a purchase.

So hubers, whats your opinion??


I own a Creatr HS and the quality is very good, also the printer is reliable in stand alone, easy to use and you won’t have to readjust the bed, once leveled it will work perfect forever. I’m currently modding my printhead to accept e3d chimera dual extrusion hotend, this allows nozzles from 0,25mm-1,2mm (with volcano) also stainless steel in 0,25mm 0,4mm 0,8mm If you want more detailed information and maybe a discussion about the printer, you can contact me via my hub Or for a talk on Skype “railes123” I’d like to hear from you, Marius Breuer


Hey Marius, thanks for the response. So you didnt have any problems to solve until now? Also is the mod for E3D easy task or needs lot of tweaking?

Best regards


Hi John, I had some issues in the beginning, but that was just because the Creatr HS was my very first printer. Also the software has greatly improoved over the last half year, the temperature is kept accuratly and the standalone works flawless.

The e3d chimera modification requires either an precise metal printhead (has to be milled for an estimated cost of 100€+) alternatively you can 3d print it, but if you get such a high quality printer and use a 3d printed modification,you will risk quality, consistency and reliability.

You will also need to upload a new firmware version, which has to include a different kind of temperature sensor and the maximum temperature of 300C instead of 275C. The firmware can be updated just as if you would print something from an USB stick in standalone, which is fairly easy.

The Creatr HS starter kit includes filament (I would prefer Colorfabb PLA/PHA over leapfrog PLA, but the leapfrog ABS is decent), printstickers and Simplify3d. The print stickers are terrible to remove and i don’t use them anymore. Instead glue stick gives much better results. You might want to check BuildTak over the leapfrog print stickers.

Also take a look at the documentation, that leapfrog provides for their filament, this documentation is basically non-exsistant.

If you want to buy their translucent “Hybrid material”, you get the following information:

“The LeapFrog MAXX Exotic Hybrid Transparent Filament is a 1.75mm filament and can be used for the Creatr, Creatr HS, Creatr XL and Xeed.”

Leapfrog doesn’t even tell you the printing temperature, which is ridicolous !

I had some bed leveling issues and cloggs with PVA. Once I got the printbed leveled (with Simplify3d and adjusting during printing), the bed was perfect and I don’t have to adjust it anymore.

The cloggs were due to unstable temperature, which was solved with the latest software.

Also wood composites will clogg your hotend. Flexible materials are barely printable, but there’s a bowden tube modification, that makes flexible printing easier.

You have to play around a lot in Simplify3d to get perfect prints, but I’m sure, you’ll get great results very quickly, as you already have the experience from 3 printers.


Marius Breuer


Thanks for the in depth info! Simplify3d is a good slicer but with cura i achieve better prints… Maybe i havent find the best settings. Thanks a lot for your information marius!

hey guys speaking of dual extruders have any of you had experience with hello beeprusa? its another prusa i3 kit made by beeverycreative and they claimed it to be fully opensource. was thinking of getting one but couldnt find any reviews online…

I havent hear of this…

By the way, because I mod thee printhead, I have spare hotends, electronics and nozzles. If you get the HS, you might want to get my spares or the files for modding the printhead. I’ve also removed the normal covers and get new ones laser cutted out of acrylglass. The bew enclosure will also cover the front (sliding pannels, to open) and also the top will be covered. If you want, I can send you the drawings and an assembly guide. I’ll probably start a thread about all this on TALK soon, but if you want, I can send it all to you personally. Cheers, Marius Breuer

Thanks a lot Marius! It will be great to share your knowledge in a new thread! If i decide to buy HS i will pm you definetly

Hey! I have TAZ 4 for $1900, I can sell you the hub and printer with my laywood, nylon, and other filaments I got. I also have an extra motor so you could print out the Dual Extruder mount and get that made (you would just need the hot end). It does have heated bed and goes up to 110 degrees celsius. One of the best things about the printer is its MASSIVE print volume of 1 foot cubed! Check it out here —>

Flashforge Dreamer isn’t that small. I’ve printed quite large options, and if you need to you can print objects in pieces. The Flashforge Dreamer is quite reliable, well built, but I’d recommend using other software if you wish to slice. It has great print resolution going below 0.1mm in layer height.

Hello Marius,

Which software update did you do for the Leapfrog Creatr HS exactly? I followed this manual:

But after succesfully updating my Creatr software the temperature is still unstable.

Also, if you have other tips that might resolve this issue I would like to know about them.

Kind regards,


Hi! I have a Poetry2 3D printer by Ira3D and I find it very good: big build volume, high quality print and dual extruder. I also find very good the assistance service, I had trouble because it was my 1st experience with 3d print and I asked the Ira3D assistance (for free!): they were very kind, so I orederd also the Poetry Infinity (new 3D printer by Ira3D) because I am very interested about the 15 microns resolution. Now I’m waiting to try it before giving an opinion …

I buy yesterday the ira3D, I will receive it in 45 days… wait and see

i have a creatr HS, impossible to produce with her… (I used to use 3D printer FDM, because I have 10 printers)

I you have some money , you can buy the 3NTR A4 ( around 5000€) it’s a good printer who have all you want

We are very disappointed with Ira3D. Having ordered and paid for the new Infinity printer on October 4, 2015 (with the written promise of having it delieverd within two weeks, thus around October 18, 2015), we still haven’t received anything else than broken promises, both from the sales team as well as the CEO himself. This all is a highly disappointing experience, and I do not recommend doing business with them.

I havent heared possitive comments also for IRA3D

The BCN3D Sigma looks very interesting. Anyone has any experience with it?

I have experience and I am very happy. The dual independent extruders systems makes the difference. Here you have a review:

And here printing with PVA

Hi Michael, did you received your printer? Also mine had a slight delay (light, thankfully!) but the quality is very excellent, nothing to clain (thankfully again!), did you test the printer?