I’ve recently designed a ‘better’ lens hood for a telephoto lens I use. Unfortunately, I don’t have any way of producing it. I have an Anycubic Photon but the build area is too small - the hood measures 135.02mm diameter by 135.42mm in height. I’m looking to outsource but I’m not sure which material I should request this be printed in. For FDM, I was thinking of NylonX or something similar. I’m not sure what would be best in resin, which I would prefer for the smooth surface finish on all surfaces. In general terms, the part would ideally be physically similar to ABS plastic. It would have to be strong and semi-rigid and also somewhat flexible to fit in a bag without cracking or breaking. Are there any resins out there that would fit these parameters? For what it’s worth, I’ve asked someone to print the hood before, they sent ~1/8 partially printed PLA and PETG samples for fit testing. I wasn’t thrilled with the surface quality of the interior or the locking tabs of either sample which is why I’m looking at resin. If other FDM materials produce better surface finish, I’d be open to them as well. I’m just not sure which route to head down right now.

The first think I think of is you may want a material/color that isn’t shiny. A dull black ABS may be good.
PLA would be fine but also be the most likely to break and does not handle heat well like if left in a camera bag in a hot car. It may deform.
PETG would be good for strength, and a bit of flexibility but it can be shiny. So don’t know if that matters.