Which filament is working best for Nylon? PVA, HIPS…?

Hi @ernestbou, nylon prints at a very high temperature so if you’re after soluble supports you’d do better to go with HIPS (which also requires a high temperature) than PVA (which prints around the same temperature as PLA). Downside of HIPS is the need for D-Limonene as the solvent, although this shouldn’t be too hard to find online, it’s caustic and requires some care when using.

You could also consider printing your supports with the Nylon itself. It may take more time to get the settings right (to avoid a messy final print) but probably no more time than the extra post processing required for HIPS.

(my thanks to @Perry_1 for the advice in this respect)

Many thanks. So there isn’t any specific support material for nylon right?

I tried printing support with the Nylon itself but many times is too hard to remove supports.

@ernestbou as far as I’m aware there’s no “specific” support material for any specific build material. HIPS is more appropriate for Nylon because of the temperatures involved, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best answer.

Sorry if that sounds vague, but the answer really depends upon a lot of other factors like how much support is needed and where, your printer’s capabilities, your own knowledge, etc.

For nylon, if you can print with nylon supports, that is best. That is, if the model allows it, do it!

I use taulman. The nylon tears well where the support offset is. (.3mm)

If you get good layer adhesion on the model, it is practically impossible to break, so you can pull the support material off pretty roughly without concern about hurting the model.

Any remaining nylon supports left cuts very well with a knife, nice and smooth.

(I have seen recommendations for a hot knife to do so, but I just use a knife)

However, if the model will not allow it, then you have a real issue, as nylon sticks to nothing else. You can use HIPS, but the model will move a lot on the support material. It will work for some models, such as some biologically shaped models.

You kind of have to picture the printing in your head, then make a decision. 99% of the time, I would go with nylon for nylon supports, because it is so easy to remove cleanly, with little chance of harming the model. That is, a good nylon print is kind of indestructible.

Hi guys,

I found on the webpage of Ultimaker that they are recommending using PVA as a support material for the Nylon (https://ultimaker.com/en/products/materials/pva). It is on the description on the product.

Also, have read what you are commenting of the differences on the extruding temperatures of both materials.

Has anyone give it a try?