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I have acquired our schools BFB 3000 which, to all intents and purposes has never been used. It does however have an issue I don’t know about how to resolve…

It lays down the first layer fine and X and Y movement produces a perfect layer. However, as it successively moves up the model, the layers are thrown along the X axis and layers are very quickly off of the raft and dripping out of the extruder. Belt tension seems ok, though I haven’t checked the teeth on the motors. There are two motors and it seems that the teeth on both would need to be worn for it not to jam. The manufacturer was bought out and offers no support for this older machine. It’s a huge shame… it’s pristene aside from this one issue.

What does the community think?




Hello, Can you upload some pictures of the misprints?, but if I understand good what is the problem, it may needs some grease in order to slide fine, or something else blocks the free movement. I am not sure if I understood well the problem…so I think some pictures will help.

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I have a BFB 3DTouch which is the “newer” model and is very similar to yours. Which slicer are you using? I would consider using something else than the Axon software they provide with. I use Kissslicer for this printer. The printing bed is also crap. I built a heated one out of milled aluminium.

The parts are really top quality elsewise. Its running since 2008 or so without any major problems.

What do you mean by the layers are thrown along the X axis and layers are very quickly off of the raft and dripping out of the extruder. ? Is it maybe that filament powder is clogging the extrusion part (the vertical screws)? The aluminium extruders are unmountable easy enough more or less…

A different slicing software could be the solution, I’ll give that a try ASAP. I’ll put up a picture of what I mean tonight, but in the mean time, each new layer is not position ontop of the last and is being extruded off of the X axis (so Y and Z are correctly dimensioned) meaning that the whole model comes out at a funny angle. But because a single layer is extruded correctly, I’m thinking the X axis motors are correctly able to drive the head back and forth accurately so it must be software related. Something must be telling the heads to put each layer in the ‘wrong’ location.

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I’ll put up a picture tonight, cheers.


I’ve also got a 3D Touch, not too dissimilar from your 3000. Although it’s had many, many problems, the one you’re describing doesn’t seem to be among them. It should be fairly easy to tell if it’s a mechanical problem (sticky linear bearings, slipping belts, etc) but in my experience these printers are mechanically robust and electrically weak. I would echo Eddi’s suggestion of switching to kisslicer, it’s the only way I’ve ever managed to get a half decent print out of it. I’ve also added a heated bed, upgraded to E3D v6 hotends, and am in the process of installing a Duet controller board, just to get something that prints reliably. So, in answer to your question; obsolete or salvageable, I’d say it depends on how much time and money you’re willing to spend on salvaging it.

Best of luck

Check this link out…#4 may help you.


Well, the school might be willing to spend some budget to get it working but a new bed is definitely going to be needed. For all the hoohaa about a three point levelling system being better than four, you can’t stop the corners drooping on a three bed which seems to have happened with this. It will only lay down a good raft bang in the middle.

This is supposed to be a straight tube… but it’s come out like the leaning tower of Piza…

Check the link below, it has some good advices #4 is your problem…it more seems like a non straight z axis…try to check it out…hope to helped you…

Good share, thanks :slight_smile:

Well, I think everything is fine with the machine… But one thing I’ve noticed is there is a real ‘snap’ to its starting location on the new layer. Not an audible snap, but I expect it to move a lot slower and with more care to start the new layer. I’m wondering if it’s possible that it prints to the front of the layer and in snapping to the new starting location, the X motors are spinning on the belt and the gantry isn’t brought back far enough. What are your thoughts on this? Sound like a probable culprit in the behaviour? Can I do something about the speed at which it reverts to effective 0,0,0+n? It isn’t printing fast so it’s not the print speed… I checked out kisslicer but I haven’t been able to get it to print a model outputted from that. I need to learn the many many settings…

I know this post is a little old but I just acquired a bfb3000 and was having the exact same problem. It seems to actually be an over heat issue. Once I opened up the control panel I was able to print just fine. It is my current belief that it either needs more ventilation in the control box or the stepper pot needs to be turned down. They are labelled on the control board, I just need some ceramic tools so I can make adjustments while it is on as per several guides to adjusting stepper pots online. If that doesn’t work I"ll end up adding some holes and a fan to the face plate of the control box.

Interesting, I believe the school still have the printer. I’ve since purchased my own but I’ll pass on your advice and see if the department can make use of it still.