I want a bunch of oval shaped desk groomets printed and want to find the cheapest printer/hub. Every other website in the world allows one to sort resorts by price EXCEPT 3D HUBS!

what am I missing?


Hey Rolland,

Don’t worry. Your not missing a trick. 3D hubs pricing works by a fixed and variable price. The fixed is a starting cost and the variable is the amoint of filament required ( cubic cm). This then makes it hard for the site to sort by price as the size of the print needs to be known. So currently there is no filter or order by price.

Hope that helps. Just ask if you want to find out anything else.

It states the price when you look to order something I believe, so all that’s missing is the sort function.

Yeah. It may take a bit of work and cause some hassle to set up but once a feature like that is added it should help out all of the users who want to find hubs for them

I Just uploaded a part quantity100 and I spent at least 20 minutes looking at 60 pages of prices. The best price was about $100 or $1 each and it was on page 44 of the results.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that I should have to spend 20 minutes doing this.

It’s also ridiculous some of the prices that are quoted are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

As a new user this is the sites biggest flaw.

For my first order I was so new I was happy to pay $4 per part,now I feel like I got taken advantage of, lol.

come on 3d hubs, this would get your well priced hubs so much more business!

figure out how to sort by price!

Hey Rolland,

I would agree that this feature needs to be added as I have found the same problem when looking through hubs. It seems the only well priced hubs are from abroad which would cost a bit of shipping. If you ever need anything printing just let me know. My hub is currently offline at the moment, but I would be happy to reactivity it if you required something 3D printed. My pricing is very low, with a starting price of £5 and enough to pay for the filament per cubic cm.

I couldn’t really tell you what the best price would be for what you have bought at $4 each, but if you found something for $1 then it seems like you’ve been charged way over what you should have. Especially for a bulk amount!

Hi Rolland,

Hope you have found the right hub through all of the searching. If not I would be happy to assist you with your needs. I only charge $1.00 for setup. Then $2 for each additional print, plus the shall fee per cm3. I have seven different materials to choose from and I offer to paint the finished project.

how come this has not been fixed yet?

any update?

spent another 15 minutes sorting though 40 hubs just to find 3 with reasonable prices. if there was a competing website that offered similar services I would switch in a heartbeat. so annoying 10 months after I reported this issue there are no changes.

Just want to add my voice to this thread.

This is a Glaringly obvious flaw in this site’s service.

It seems inconceivable that you would actively inconvenience your users in a flawed attempt at protectionism.

Even if you ignore all the retail experiences and just look at service based online markets, this is the first one I have used that lacks this feature.

I’m buying my own 3d printer shortly, sick and tired of dealing with this site and it’s unfriendly marketplace. This obvious suggestion has been ignored for about a year.