Carbon3D Printer



Hello 3d printing world!

Carbon3D based in Northern California has developed a new 3d printing technology called CLIP.

Highlights are:

25 to 100 times faster.

No layers since it is a continuous process, mechanical improvement to parts.(no peeling step)

More material variety.

Definitely one step closer to producing more than prototypes.

They haven’t determined a pricing yet.

Our favorite part is when CEO Joseph DeSimone says “3d printing is 2d printing over and over again”

Video links below:

Short interview:

TedTalks presentation:


The tech is great. The problem is material development. The material in Carbon3D’s patent is a teflon polymer that is also patent protected until 2028.

The only reason 3d printing has become available to consumers is because the intellectual property became public domain. First Stratasys’ FDM patent and the last of 3DSystems’ patent thicket will expire later this year. People will use the legal troubles of Form1 Labs as an example of coming into the market a few years too early, and will probably hold back releasing products until they can clear the IP hurdle.


Great tecnique , but i think will be priced in the higher levels


Good points indeed. Let’s hope for the best


We’ll see. The technology looks promising, but I’ll wait for what the price point ends up being.


Anyone else feel like he said a lot without telling us anything? How does this differ from Formlabs aside from speed? Also, “high strength to weight ratio” is easy to say without a reference - MarkForged can make parts with continuous strands of carbon fiber so it is actually as strong as metal. He also kept comparing to “traditional 3d printers”, which then ended up sounding like he was comparing to FDM. Until you have a price point, don’t compare yourself to a product that is meant to be cheap.