CJP 3D Print Software Memory Limit



I’ve recently been getting memory errors on 3DPrint for ProJet 660 due to what seems to be a hard 2GB RAM utilization limit because it is a 32 bit program. Has anyone encountered this and found a workaround?


Have you tried fast rendering?


Unfortunately that is a limit of the program. Generally it is due to a very high res file. You can try fast rendering but it may still fail to traverse the print as it begins. If that happens you will need to further decimate your file to reduce its polygon count.


Yes, I have fast rendering on with a low display count. This greatly increases the render speed when moving models but doesn’t seem to increase the total models that can be added. Thanks


Decimation is my most likely backup plan. I’m maxing out at about 7 60mb files which only fill 1/4 of the bed. Have you actually seen a print fail while building related to memory or just not start? Thanks


I currently have 16 files totaling no less than a gig without any issues. What is your install version and what are the specs on your computer? I have never seen it fail during a print, only when transferring the data over to the printer. You should have a min 4gb of RAM but 8 will be better. My main computer has 32 and oddly it helps even though the program is only 32 bit.

When you save the file to print, how many megs is it? Most of mine are near 750mb for the print file as they near 1gb the printer has a higher chance of having a hiccup.