Will it be possible to add a CNC Machining Hub and be considered for jobs soon ?

If so when ? I have a HAAS TM-1 that is begging to make lots of aluminum,

plastics, and wood parts. I can also provide CAD/CAM, and Electronics

Hardware/Software design services. Working towards getting a 3D printer

added also.


Hey Michael,

This is Nahla from 3D Hubs here. Thanks for your interest in becoming a CNC Hub with us. You can list your service with us via this link: https://www.3dhubs.com/list-your-service We’re currently full on capacity but by signing up to the waiting list we will keep them in mind once we need more CNC supply.

Hope this helps, feel free to reach back out to support@3dhubs.com should you need any further help.

Nahla - 3D Hubs

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