Hi all,

Please continue reading, I am asking for your collaboration within a project we are running :slight_smile:

Currently we are starting up a research project within the minor Biopolymers at Avans University of Applied Sciences. As we all know, PLA is a biopolymer and probably you frequently (proudly) tell your customers it is an ecofriendly case. The current minorteam that is teaming up with our FabLab is testing how the quality of the PLA is influenced by the process of shredding, melting and extruding new filament.

We would like to ask if you would be willing to send us your Fairphone misprints, so we can make new filament (and new phonecases) out of it.

Our address: FabLab Breda, Belcrumweg 19A, 4811 CT Breda

We’ll keep you updated with the results and hopefully we can provide you with some ‘new’ filament for new cases :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions!



Great project Charlotte!

How are you going to recycle filament? Are you going to use a Filabot for example? I’d be super interested by hearing more about it :slight_smile:



Hi Julie,

We won’t use the filabot, since they only have a very big extruder at the University… I guess they even have never heard of the Filabot :wink: The aim of the project is to have a more scientific research: how does recycling influence the length of the polymerchains, what is the impact on strength and flexibility, and last how does it influence the printability.

I will keep you updated through this thread.


@sandrako @Robert @Deeeep @Studio_vd_Sar @Stefan_10 @Luuk @Cre83D could you please share and see if people are interested? I think it’s a cool project!

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Great, thanks a lot

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I’d love to see pictures of the process/results (and of the Big Extruder ;-)!

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I like this idea because i mainly dump my failed prints or supports/brim etc… in the garbage, how do you plan to make this a win-win for you and for the people who send you failed prints?

Cool! I will share this project with Stadslab Rotterdam. They collect a lot of PLA from misprints.

I print most with ABS.

I got only some misprints. Most of my misprints are not so good qualitity and have some optical damages.

Why don’t sell those minimal damaged cases? Or give them away for nothing?

Hi, is it ok when I come by wednesday to pick up some misprints?

Suggestions for the win-win? I don’t know when you will consider it as a win… Interested in some ‘new’ filament? Some patato based filament? Interested in the results? Good PR since you can tell people you are part of an interesting research?

Well it’s just that sending failed prints will cost money, i like the concept but i don’t know how much plastic junk i have to keep before sending it and having some filament in return. And what about the colors? i guess you’ll have to recycle the same color for a new filament?

Hi Didier,

where are you located?

I’m in Belgium at mid distance between Liège (Luik) and Bastogne

mmm, no chance to pick it up unfortunately…

No i understand it’s a bit far… I will keep all my junk plastics somewhere instead of throwing it away. Once i get a good quantity i will send it too you

That’s cool, in the meantime I will post our results here.