Hi Hubs & 3D printing enthusiasts!

We’d like to invite you to 3D Hubs co-polyester workshop, organized in collaboration with Colorfabb.
We’ll be showcasing the various co-polyester filaments developed by Eastman and colorFabb. This is the ultimate opportunity to learn more about how nGen and _XT are different and when to choose a certain material. The workshop will teach you best practice settings and printing strategies to become a master of the co-polyester portfolio.

ColorFabb will also bring along the new _HT co-polyester. This co-polyester features the highest heat resistance yet and provides the best impact resistance of them all.

What’s the catch?
The pretty awesome catch is that each attendee will receive a custom made Colorfabb sample pack, which will include various samples including nGen, XT and an the new _HT high temperature resistance material. We’ll make sure to have plenty of drinks & snacks to go with it.

Ticket price for this event is £5 and includes:
- Custom-made 500g Sample Pack (retail value: £20.00) – nGen / _XT and _HT
- Co-polyester for 3D Printing workshop
- Drinks & snacks

Spaces + Sample Packs are limited so make sure to secure yours here

Look forward to seeing you!
Marc, 3D Hubs Mayor London


Hey Marc, Good to see we have a Mayor again! Congrats. It’s been too long since I was last at a 3D Hubs meetup, so I hope to be there; more for the meetup than the filament -always interesting meeting other hubs!



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Hey Greg,

Thanks for signing up. I haven’t seen you in ages and I’m really looking forward to catching up. The filaments are are really cool and I’ve doing a lot of printing with nGen lately. It looks like we’re going to have a good turnout!