CR-10 Issue-related questions




I recently acquired a CR-10 Printer and have printed some basic objects with PLA. I have a few issues/questions:

1. There are gaps in my first layer (sometimes also top). My settings are below and I am printing on a glass bed with appropriate tape on it + glue. I have previously tried just glass & Glue however it produced similar-worse results.

2. Is it normal for PLA (or any plastic) to just be oozing out the nozzle whilst hot? For example, when I am preparing the GCode, the nozzle has PLA oozing out of it whilst hot at home-position. Perhaps my temperature is too high (194C)?

3. When I printed some Eiffel-towers (good reference object was my presumption) the 1st Mini tower printed without a leg due to a blob on the nozzle, the 2nd mini printed fine, and the 3rd tower (large) printed with lots of stringing (even though I had retraction on) and wasn’t structurally sound as it snapped upon removal from the bed around the centre of the object. Inside the snap was lots of strings (except they were part of the structure) and felt like they could almost be individually touched. Visualise it as a square with lots of strings going from each side.

3. Are there any definite settings that I can try out? I understand ‘definite’ is a misnomer as printers & filament vary but if there were some well-functioning settings I would be interested in trying them.

4. What should I be setting my Accelerations/Jerks in order to minimise ghosting?


Layer Height - 0.2mm

Initial Layer Height - 0.2mm (I’ve tried 0.1mm-0.3mm, all unsuccessful).

Wall Thickness - 0.8mm

Top/Bottom Thickness - 0.6mm

Infill Density - 15%

Gradual Infill Steps - 0

Printing Temperature (PLA) - 194C

Build Plate Temperature - 60C

Diameter - 1.75mm

Flow - 100%

Retraction - Enabled

Print Speed - 60mm/s

Travel Speed - 120mm/s

Print Acceleration - 350mm/s/s

Travel Acceleration - 3000mm/s/s

Print Jerk - 15mm/s

Travel Jerk - 30mm/s

Print Cooling - Enabled

Supports - No

Build Plate Adhesion Type - Skirt (Also use raft)

Print Sequence - All at once

Any help is appreciated!

Can attach photos if desired.


in the start g code ad m92 e96.00


Made no difference unfortunately.