I bought a new UV-lamp for my objet eden 350V, 5 months ago I paid €288 now it cost my €780. How can you cheat your own costumers like that.

It seems that all the spear parts are priced a lot higher in the last 5 months.




Same was what I recognized for my objet machine, I had a discussion with the german service manager and he told me that they had to increase prices because they did not in the past and it is more and more difficult to get the spares; in my opinion complete bullshit!

They are simply ripping of their customers, it is exactly the same behaviour we have recognized in the past by US-based companies.

I am not going to buy anymore Stratasys (or former Objet) machine, I am going to quit this technology as soon as my machine is written of.



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You probably could find the equivalent bulb from another supplier. The assembly doesn’t have to be changed unless something is broken, just the bulb. Their materials are too expensive as well. There’s a guy in the US who found the recipe for the support and the Vero White and says it now costs them 1/10th of the price to fabricate. He sells the recipes for 5000 USD each! They’re making too much money on our backs…

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It reminds me of the same thing 3D Systems did with their Zcorp powders and binders. They increased their prices 3 times within 18 months, up until OEM manufacturers started producing the same consumables for about a fifth of the price.

Not sure what is happening with Stratasys though. It’s always bad business to rob your customers like that!


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Yes, apparently a lot of the spare prices have jumped up in price massively recently!

We were able to buy a refurbished unit at a lower price from our supplier, Tri-tech 3D.

If you can find the bulb yourself it is quite simple to replace. There was a member of this community selling them on ebay recently.

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Stratasys and 3D systems are sistematically ripping off their customers… specially with consumables and spares…abusing their dominant positions…


I think I will follow your way of thinking and never by a stratsys machine again. I need to sit this investment out for 2 more years, and than I can leave this (shit) company.

What is the long term vision !!!


Dave 3iD

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Do they sell only the formula or also the material?

They sell only the formula, I tried but they don’t want to fabricate and sell. It’s pretty expensive and it will take a while to get the money back from saving on material. The other thing is that it implies manipulating chemical products so it would probably require some investment in handling or mixing apparels plus security equipment. To top it, what discouraged me the most is that, if it doesn’t work well, you can invest all that money for nothing. PLV

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Have a look here. These are the bare bulbs. You can just replace them when they start to dim at this price. Now mind you, its just the bulb. You will have to put it in the reflector assembly yourself:


Also, check these guys out. They have a replacement support material and should have a model material soon:


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Hey Fcanaan! Did you try their support material?

I have a 2KG pack of their support on order. I will post my results with it as soon as I get a change to jet with it.

Can you please help me and provide me a link with the OBJET STUDIO software to download?

I just bought a used EDEN 500V, it comes with the original CDs but I cannot read them from my PCs.

Maybe CDs got damaged with the years. I am in Japan and here support sucks…

Thank you in advance.


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