Hi all,

Let me start by saying I am very new to the 3D printing world. Just bought my first printer. The CTC 3D Printer.

I have already got printed objects. I imported some designs into makerware, then hit the make button, and viola. But I am having trouble with some objects where they need support material for the overhangs etc. And I am wondering if there is anyone else with a CTC that has managed to figure out which software to use and settings to be able to print these kinds of designs? Thanks in advance.

Makerware was okay but quickly becomes pretty limiting and does some odd things at times. I tried running slic3r and that also does some strange pathing, ending up with bits on prints that shouldn’t be there sometimes, and strange behaviour on some corners.

Craftware is pretty good, and it’s free, but you’ll need to drop the g-code output into a converter to get an x3g file you printer can use, after a few weeks I did what everyone suggests and switched to Simplify3D, it’s pricey but worth every penny in the amount of time it saves.

Thanks for the reply. I have managed to get supports working now in makerware so I will retry the print.

I tried cura and craftware but they just tried to send the build plate underground and started to print in space. Obviously some setttings need to be corrected but for the life of me I don’t know which.

You need to get your offsets set correctly

Thanks. I will try and look up what others have used as a starting point.

Its based in on the replicator dual I think so I might have a chance of finding the settings.

I’ve the same one.

Don’t know if this will work but try Flashprint for the Flashforge Creator Pro. I think yours is based off the Replicator 1 (dual).