Hello! I accidentally formatted the SD card that came with the printer, and I would like to remake it. Can you please tell me what is the content of the card (and eventually upload an archive of the content)?

Lots of thanks!

It contains drivers for the printer, sample test files, cura, pronterface, and documentation. Everything is free and freely available to be downloaded form the Internet. The driver is the ch340 serial Port interface.

so the driver is ch340 serial port interface, but what are cura and pronterface?

thanks for the answer!

Cura is the program used to print it imports the part files an slices them to print. Pronterface is a more advanced interface to allow you to input commands and raw gcode to the printer. I use it to adjust the auto leveling offsets on my anet a8 and robo 3d. But to print things use cura.

I have I have a makerbot sw to print the files but will try cura.

I hope the driver will be ok.

My whole issue is that since I formatted the sd, when printing (it can also print with only a file-to-print on the SD card), the x axis is at moments changing its place and the objects get messed up. I don’t know if it’s the missing driver from the sd or another soft/hard problem…

MakerBot software won’t work with this printer because MakerBot uses the x3g file format and the CTC uses stl files or sliced gcode so you have to use cura. When you first start cura you have to create a new profile make sure you put in the proper bed size. Then when it’s complete it should load a test file a little robot go and set your temps for the material you are using and print. If this is your first time using a i3 variant printer there is way more config options than a MakerBot.

It worked so far but I will consider using cura… I appreciate your help, I might contact you in the future for eventual issues, thank you!

here is the software on the card https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ap77eh1olz04vp/Software.rar?dl=0

Which ctc do you have, the i3 clone or the one in the enclosed frame??

It is the CTC Bizer series Dual Nozzle 3D Printer for Makerbot Replicator2, http://www.ctcprinter.com/product_detail.php?ProId=32

Could you please tell me if the driver should go on the sd card that goes in the printer, or on the pc?