Hi I’m very new to 3d printing I just got my first printer a little over a month ago
it is a ctc dual I think thats the name of it
I have been trying to find an answer all over the place and am seeing a lot of conflicting information or at least I’m not quite getting it

I’m having problems with painters tape peeling up the printer has a heated bed and has kapton tape on it with the blue painters tape on top of the kapton tape it seems to always peel up in the same place

I’ve seen people saying to only use kapton tape when I tried this the prints wouldn’t stick to the bed and I just ended up with a mess of plastic

the platform is being heated to 38c and I don’t have the extra cooling fan mod

does anyone have any tips on what I might be doing wrong here

should I try different tape ?

should I change the bed temperature ?

any help would be greatly appreciated

Try kapton tape with cheap glue stick, that works for me, or hairspray, the cheap stuff as well, clean the kapton with isopropyl alcohol before applying anything though


I would peel the tape off the print bed and just give the Kapton tape a clean. It could be some grease or something else stopping the tape from sticking. As the print bed heats up the tape should not lift. I have a CTC Dual and for months I just used blue painters tape on top of the Kapton and got some O.K prints.

If you are in the UK this is the tape I used and it’s reduced at the moment: http://www.diy.com/departments/bq-professional-blue-masking-tape-l50m-w50mm/50115_BQ.prd

As a CTC owner i have had this problem. I use PVA (washable glue stick) with a metal heated bed. I heat the bed up to 60C when printing with PLA. I have not had any problems with warping or deformation.

When the print is finished wait for the bed to cool down before removing the parts. This makes it easy when removing.

When printing with ABS I use a heated bed at 100C and I use cardboard to make an enclosure for my printer.

good luck!

thanks for the tips I’m trying to change the bed temperature to see if upping the temperature will help with sticking

but I cant seem to find any settings in the makerbot print software to change the temps for the bed
I’ve seen people enable a gcode temperature override on their ctc duals but I have searched through the printers settings and dont seem to have this option

I’m using PEI sheet and love it. http://www.prozix.com/product/pei-sheet-3d-printer-build-surface-for-flashforge-creator-pro-ctc-qidi-tech/