Custom Built 3D Printer / CNC Mill marlin firmware help



Good Day, I am really in need of some help, I have built my DIY 3D printer / cnc machine and currently running marlin firmware on the arduino mega with ramps 1.4. I got the firmware for a prusa i3 but here comes the problem, my x,y axis travel is not the same as the prusa’s. So I need help to custom configure the firmware for my machines limits and travel. I will like if someone can phisically help me to tweek my software and hardware to get the best end result. I am based in SA Johannesburg and is willing to pack all my stuff in my boot and come to you to set things up.

Please help!

Regards Johan


Im in omaha ne… did you go into the firmware and set travel distance as well as your per mm settings?


Usually I’d offer to customise and send the firmware via google drive but really, it’s not difficult to set up Marlin. And figuring it out yourself with the aid of the excellent documentation both online and in the Marlin file itself will help you a lot in the long term!


Sorry but I am London. But is not difficult.

There are a lot of guides on the net:

Just a couple.



Thansks Steven


Just open configuration.h of your marlin firmware and find/change the

// Travel limits after homing (units are in mm)
#define X_MIN_POS 0
#define Y_MIN_POS 0
#define Z_MIN_POS 0
#define X_MAX_POS ???
#define Y_MAX_POS ???
#define Z_MAX_POS ???


Hi Johan,

I’ve made a tutorial for Marlin Firmware for the Prusa i3 over here:

You can translate it if needed…

Good luck!



I can help via Skype. I charge fair prices. If you donate to me or my YouTube channel, then can work out something. We can share screens via Skype, I could show you on my computer or I can help walk you through it and when done, you will know a lot.


Setting up Marlin is not complicated and definitely is not something you should ever have to pay for.


Okay then. Be sure to donate your time to others as I have done in the past and still do. But everything for free? Not paying for Marlin. Just buy lunch for someone to help you. Depends on how you look at it. Your answer was not very helpful. You just had a comment that you want others to know. Good for you. But your comments with no help attached is just wrong. I offered my personal time. Not what everyone can see on WordPress/YouTube. No offense, but this is one of those things for me. I did it all on my own. Took way more time then I wanted. I just try to help without killing my own time and income. You know how many would flock to me if I offer free help on any 3d printer? And just to clarify, I did not try to sell Marlin or sell a setup. I am selling my personal time and skills and experience. So please, offer help, not a comment that just shows how you “feel” as that’s just not helpful.


For anyone looking for free help. This is what I have done for others to just copy and paste.


Did anyone else read the part where hes looking for one on one help?


I do. I’ve helped several people through Marlin and their printer setups. I even CAD model parts for people and post my files online for free.sure, not everything for free but there’s literally no reason to pay for lessons for a free, open source and easy to use firmware. The only real reason to do so would be laziness and over abundance of money.

I did it all on my own too. It took an afternoon. And to be honest though I’ve helped others I always push for learning from their own experience. It creates a much deeper understanding.

I offered advice. I myself have exams to study for and lots of work to do.

But you know what? In order to save him some unnecessary expenditure, sure. I’m open to help and tutor further. I’ve built my own printers and have experience in this area, so feel free to ask if you need help! Please note I’m time constrained so may take a short while to get the files done for you!


So your helpful advice was to criticize someone else for trying to offer help one on one? Or was it when you said it’s not that hard to set it up. I feel your helping more now based on provoking of my comments. I can apologize for my interactions if they have offended you. And since it seems like they did, my apologies for how it was worded to you specifically and not to everyone else who says the same thing as there are many with the same beginning mentality of its free for every one and miss the part that is, some people just need more help then what’s offered. Dude, have a great day. Good luck on your finals. Finals environment just sucks lol. And hope it all works out for someone building a custom machine and you helping them for free in a difficult situation.


Look man, I’m sorry! It’s been a pretty shit day both physically and emotionally and I projected that on you.

If I’m being brutally honest with myself too it also comes down to my own insecurities about marketable skills. I have a decent amount under my belt for someone my age but it never feels like enough does it?

Anyway, I’m going to go open a bottle of wine and stare at my printer. Take care.


Thanks for your apology. However, I will open a beer on my side and join you. And may I suggest a nice vase print? Skulls are never out of style. But a good gear bearing will help with the “figgits” around test time. And remember, your the one who took some initiative to offer help even under your own life’s weight of shorting time when you need more. You have heart. Don’t give up. And FYI, no matter what you do. Someone else will say it’s never enough. Let them say it. You keep doing you. And if you got big ideas, share share share! Discouragement is needed to produce the refinement humans need to become great. Your halfway through!




In Configuration.h file, you’ll find #define statements for travel limits, end switches direction, polarity and presence, and so on. The comments there are pretty good documentation.


Thanks all for the comments, it seem like with me fiddling around in the firmware and the current weather, my machine changed his mood. Im now printing in the center, with a little fine tunning, I will master the art of 3d printing lol. Ill come and show off my machine an finished work piece once done.

Thanks Again

Regards Johan