Customer wants an invoice


Customer is requesting if I could provide an invoice and has provided some details like their company name, VAT number and billing address.

Can someone explain to me in plain terms what I should do to accommodate? I’m not sure I understand the purpose. If there are taxes involved, how does that affect me or my hub?


The customer should have picked a hub that can supply a valid VAT invoice. Is your hub a registered business?


No, my hub is not a registered business. However, I dont understand what it would mean for my to become one and how it relates to customers, invoices, VAT, taxes, etc. Assume I know nothing about this,.


That all depends on the rules of the country in which you are operating. Did you try to contact your local chamber of commerce.

They should be able to answer all your questions about registering a business, VAT, taxes, etc.


Indeed, only Hubs that are registered as business are able to provide invoices. I’ve gone ahead and explained this to your customer on the order page.

Please feel free to reach out directly to Customer Support as well.


Maddie - 3D Hubs