Hi, I’m looking for a printing hub that has a dedicated DurusWhite RGD430 printer. I’m doing quite a few prints in this material and the setup cost and change-the-material cost from the usual ABS is very expensive. Can anybody recommend or share their knowledge of a printing hub like this ?

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Hey @apok, Based on where you’re from I’d go to 3dhubs.com/3dprint , insert your address and select “DurusWhite” from the material’s list. There you’ll be able to see hubs who are the closes to you have have these materials :wink:


thanks arnoldas, good idea !, i did that and i’ve contacted a few people from that list

Awesome! I hope you’ll print some cool stuff :wink: I am curious about your projects :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Objet 30 Pro that we print a lot of RGD430 in and would charge a color change fee in. Let me know if you are interested