Dremel 3d45 freezes and power cycles on its own.


I just got a 3d45 and printed three items great. It was really easy to use. Then all a sudden it froze mid print and power cycled a few times before just turning on and returning to the home screen. It ruined the print. So I tried again thinking maybe its a one time thing. Nope it did it again. So I switched from nylon to PLA thinking maybe its overheating? Nope it did it again. Finally I factory reset the printer and then tried printing a demo print that came on the USB drive they supplied. It still froze and power cycled. Sure I wasted a lot of filament but I wanted it to work pretty bad.

Anyone else have this problem? I am so upset about this I feel like what am I supposed to do now? I could return it to amazon but do I get another one? Is this thing that unreliable? I need this to last a few years at least. Its over 1k. I emailed Dremel so we will see what they can do but I am pretty sure there is nothing.


It sounds like there may be a short somewhere that’s causing a safety feature to kick in, I hope Dremel responds soon! If it still under warranty hopefully they can just send out a new one, I’ve heard good things about their machines.


Hey Sandwich2k,
I get my printer today and have exactly the same problem :frowning:
did you find out what the cause of the problem was?